A-Basin 3/23/08

23 Mar, 2008

Today marked the first day of my snowboard trip vacation. I had a late night in Steamboat celebrating a friend’s 21st birthday but still managed to wake up early, pack my gear and head to Summit County.

I hit up A-basin after hearing that K2 would be having a demo with next year’s stuff. When I arrived, I realized there were other companies as well. I managed to ride 3 snowboards (Rossignol RPM & Retox, K2 Duchess) throughout the day and 1 new binding (K2 Virtue). I’ll be posting with those reviews.

It was just me riding alone today, but made some turns with a couple new people including Ry from Rossignol.

Rossignol Tent

It was my first time hitting up A-basin during the winter season, usually I ride A-basin when it’s early or late season riding which is generally always sunny, slushy and hot out. Today was good conditions with the sun out, the snow softened up throughout the day and the wind picked up.

Not to busy for Easter

A beautiful day

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