Breckenridge 3/24/08

24 Mar, 2008

It was a busy day at Breckenridge but I managed to hit up the mountain to make park/pipe laps with Tom.
The lines weren’t too bad in the early morning, but eventually the lift line wait took forever to get through. The weather was nice, it got windy by the late morning.

Here are some action shots of Tom hitting the freeway jumps and park.
I have a sequence shot of this jump, so I’m going to stitch it into one photo eventually to make it look sweet.

It’s Breck!
Breck’s halfpipe…seriously it’s perfect

I still need to post up my review of the Never Summer Lotus but lets just say…this is my favorite board I have rode and I have put a lot of days on it so far this year. Yesterday at A-basin a girl came up totally amazed I had the board, she had demo’d it and couldn’t wait to purchase it for next year. Today in the lift line, a guy recognized it and asked how I liked it. He was riding one of the new reverse camber prototypes and was stoked on it. Lets just say…Never Summer has some great stuff being released for 08-09.
I had a short day of riding halfpipe since I made the trek into Denver to drop off/pick up some snowboards at Never Summer.

Never Summer Headquarters…where the love begins

I had a second stop to the Lib Tech/Quiksilver office in Denver to talk with Dan and take home a Lib Tech board to ride for the next couple weeks. Big thanks to Jay for hooking it up!

Definitely stoked for the opportunity to spend more time on a board when I put up a review of it. I took home the 08-09 Lib Tech McKink 157cm that offers up banana tech and magne traction. So look for reviews of that to be coming soon.

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