Keystone 3/8/08

08 Mar, 2008

The plan today was to hit up Breck for the Burton demo, but plans changed so Keystone was a better option to ride. I hit up the mountain with Jon, he was a great guide for the day and I had some good laughs with him.

We’re dorks

We hit up the backside of Keystone to enjoy some tree runs.

I’ve been used to riding Steamboat trees so it was definitely an adjustment. Keystone has wider spaced trees but also you have tree wells to watch out. Enjoyed some heavier snow in the trees but definitely a lot of more chopped up terrain. Jon was a speed demon through them so I would lose him in the trees but that’s fine since I still got my own lines to make.

I kept wondering where the one-pieces were but towards the end of the day they came out in full one-piece attack mode. I was laughing so hard trying to get this shot of Jon with a one-piecer, he had no idea I was taking it until the end when he realized.

We ended the day with a lap through the terrain park and half pipe. It was probably the worst flat light i’ve ever had in the half pipe and tough to ride because of it. We took up the terrain park chairlift, got a nice view of all the features Keystone has up right now. Some fun looking stuff to hit up.

Jon riding the pipe
Jon after his run through the pipe (brightened up the photo a bit)
It was a fun day even if conditions were so-so. Had some good turns in the trees and got to ride a part of Keystone I haven’t hit up before. Ended the day on a good note.

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