Steamboat 3/15/08

15 Mar, 2008

Today was a “suck up the pain” day to enjoy some mountain riding with Gary and Dina who drove up from Denver. I swallowed 3 pain pills, ate a breakfast bagel and drank a red bull to wake myself up this morning and get me ready to ride.

It was a beautiful day, not too warm on the upper mountain while the lower mountain was a bit warmer. Sunshine all day long until we ended the day when the clouds rolled in.
Gary and I enjoyed the trees while Dina stuck to the more groomed runs. We managed to meet up each time with some good turns between.

I taught Dina how to snowboard last year for her first day on snow, so this was good to see her ripping up after being a beginner last season.
I took Dina on some choppier terrain which she had no problem handling.

Gary rocked my NS prototype for the day which looked really small on him. My lotus looked bigger but he had fun on it especially for presses.

Gary enjoying the prototype while trying to spray me…trying is the keyword.
I say it all the time but really in Steamboat you can still ride powder days after the last powder dump. I took Gary into some out of bounds tree riding where we had some good terrain to ride and even this shot is out of bounds but really close to the run. I took this picture right before enjoying the powder turns to myself.

Making sure to flip off Gary’s camera
After some good riding time, we headed down to Slopeside to enjoy the sunshine on the beach, drink Newcastle and hang out. Eventually we got pizza to fill our stomachs up as well.

The cup says Coors but trust me…it was Newcastle. So good when it hits the lips!
Since I live on the mountain which is above the gondola, above the base of the mountain. That means I take the chairlift or gondola to get home. So you take them up and then ride down to get to my house. I am very lucky where I live.

After enjoying the afternoon beers and food, we hit up the gondola for the last run down. Needless to say, the gondola ride was quite fun.

Gary and Dina goofing off

I still am working on my goggle tan.
Giving love to my gondola passengers
Last run down Heavenly Daze

I made a last lap through the halfpipe which was empty while the others rode down Lower Valley View to get home.

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