Steamboat 3/19/08

19 Mar, 2008

Lately in Steamboat it’s been cloudy in the morning and sunny in the afternoon. Today I did an afternoon riding session in the halfpipe. It’s packed in town right now, busiest week of the year surprisingly so being in the pipe was less busy than other spots on the mountain.
The pipe today was rough for me. I had noticed a bump on the drop in and unfortunately my second pipe run…I went straight for it. Totally slammed face first into the bottom of the pipe. Got up and made my run to the bottom before checking to make sure I was okay. Got a bit of swelling around my right eye where I hit and my goggle pushed into my face. Other than that and a bruised right knee…I was fine.

The park today was busier than normal, every run to the Bashor lift there was a line. I ran into the one of the K2 reps, JP rocking the next years Turbo Dream and bindings.

I kept to myself and just made laps before heading in for the day. Now I’m watching my face to see if I got a black eye from that fall or just a bruise below my eye.

I took some photos of the setups right now. This photo has 2 mailbox rails (the left rails) within 2 feet from each other…it was crazy to watch people grinding both at the same time.
On the side of the quarterpipe is this rail
The boardercross course was marked off today, not sure why but it was good to have less beginner traffic in the park.

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