Steamboat 3/30/08

30 Mar, 2008

It took a while to make it to back to Steamboat but I arrived back in Steamboat early this morning. Despite being in a bad mood, I made plans to hit up the mountain for some afternoon shredding after seeing how much snow had dropped recently. I just spent the last week traveling around the state, but my home mountain definitely has the goods.

It was my first day riding the 08-09 Lib Tech McKink which I’ll be writing a review on shortly once I get more days in on it. Definitely a good choice for the powder turns.

I didn’t make it up till 1pm but even then still found fresh turns to be made. Today’s snow report said 6 inches of new snow in the last 24 hours and 9 inches of new snow in the last 48 hours…I don’t believe the report, cause there was definitely more in spots.

I met up with Amy, John, and Ashley to make turns with. We made our way out to the gates to hit up some powder turns on the morningside part of the mountain.

John traversing across to get to the powder turns

Myself and Ashely waiting to drop in
The three of them hitting up the powder near each other
Hiking up to the gates to get out to Wake Up Call
Wake Up Call
The group after hiking out and getting ready
The best look of a snowboard…the Lib Tech McKink completely covered in snow
A shot of me
One of the lines I made down the run, all to myself
Ah gotta love coming home to powder
John piling up the powder on his snowboard
Amy showing how to ride in powder

Today marked my 80th day on snow and it’s been a week since hanging out with friends so we made sure to celebrate with pitchers of beer at Slopeside.

It’s late March, Steamboat closes on April 6th and it’s still dumping snow here. It’s been a great season for Steamboat and snowboarding.

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