Steamboat 3/3/08

03 Mar, 2008

I came back into town yesterday hoping for some leftover powder for me to ride today, found some good stuff and got some powder turns in that I missed out on. It was beautiful out, lower mountain was warm while upper mountain was keeping the cold air trapped above. I actually had to pull out my facemask to keep riding the upper mountain.

Today was a new snowboard to test out, so the ride time was spent taking the board through everything and a lot of groomers.

Heading up Pony chair

Still warm here

Found some good powder turns in the trees. The report on Sunday was 21 inches total which was leftover to today. I had some great leftovers to enjoy on the mountain.

I was bummed to see that some spots were totally tracked out by sideslipping beginners in the trees. It looked like a snowboard beginner class went through and completely sideslipped all the powder. I was bummed.

Making the turns

Riding down to the bottom of the mountain, enjoying the view for miles surrounding Steamboat.

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  1. Steamboat Cruiser
    March 04, 2008

    Yep, the mountain is in GOOD shape, plenty of “leftovers”, as you say.

    We’ve got a few more winter wonderland pix over at BoardtheBoat and a couple of the 45 mph wind shots also, just so riders remember their warm stuff.

    And Congratulations on your very own domain,!

  2. Shayboarder
    March 04, 2008

    Thanks Cruiser! Definitely some leftovers to enjoy especially with more snow on the way…March is a great month here! Definitely love your pics!

    Yep new domain…so far doing great with it!