Steamboat 3/5/07

05 Mar, 2008

Today the upper mountain was enjoying some nice cold snowfall winter weather while lower mountain (below the gondola) was enjoying a mix of warmer bluebird weather with clouds. I opted to ride the lower mountain, hoping the Junior Olympics were done at the half pipe so I could make laps there.

Another day on the slopes

Unfortunately for me, the Junior Olympics were still taking over the halfpipe so I headed to the mini park to check it out for the first time this year.

I figured since I hadn’t rode mini park that much I’d take shots of most of the features that Steamboat’s mini park has to offer. I only wish more beginners would head to the mini pipe instead of hitting up the superpipe. There is a progression for a reason.

Rail that are set up

Stopped by Powder Tools after riding to pick up some new Skullcandy headphones for spring time riding. I use my headband in the spring since it’s warmer out and want to try out some new headphones to wear with it. I picked up the Skullcandy lowrider headphones seen here. Looking forward to riding with them and reviewing them.

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