Steamboat 3/9/08

09 Mar, 2008

Woke up to a beautiful day in summit county and made the drive back to Steamboat to hit up my home mountain for a good afternoon session. It was beautiful all day long so easy quick drive to get back to Steamboat.

With the daylight savings today, Steamboat extended to spring hours so the chairlifts stay open a little later now.

I would have stayed in summit county and rode there but I had an employee halfpipe contest to participate in. I’m the only halfpipe rider on the team so I made sure to be back to get the points for our team.

And the helmet comes on for the competition
James getting stoked to ride pipe
The half pipe today

I kept riding pipe after the event and ran into Steve in the Bashor chairlift so we spent the rest of the day riding together. I managed to make Steve take a run through the pipe so I got a shot of him at the end coming out.
We took off from riding pipe and hit up the rest of the mountain ending the day with a top to bottom run.

Heading up Storm Peak

The best part about ending the day is finding powder stashes on the mountain days after it has snowed. I found myself making turns in a new area without even realizing no one else would ever ride through it on purpose.

So much snow…I can’t see my boots or board!

Ahh…always good to ride the trees

Ended the day with Newcastles at Slopeside enjoying the sunshine.

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  1. Finn
    March 13, 2008

    That powder stash looks hot. In a cold way.