Binding Review: 08-09 K2 Virtue

09 Apr, 2008

Location: A-Basin, Colorado

Snow Conditions: Bluebird with hard packed conditions

Setup: I rode the K2 Virtues on the K2 Duchess with my Vans Omni Focus boots.

Time to set up the binding: Really quick. JP gets it done.

Fit: I was able to get my boot in the binding, but I definitely would have sized up on the binding since it was a little too snug in the width of the binding. I just adjusted the straps a bit better.

First Impression: They are super neon…so they are super fun. Basically the Auto agogo bindings without the Auto.

Appearance: The neon is pretty funny to look at when you first get on it. It screamed “killer 80’s brah!” at me and who can resist that?

Comfort: This binding is all comfort whether its in the ankle strap, the highback or the base. The ankle strap has neoprene gel zones that mold the strap around your boot.

Functionality: The ankle strap is set on the hinge mount so when you are not strapped in, it moves out of the way from the binding (you can see this in the photo where my boot is not in the binding). Easy to adjust the straps while on the mountain which I messed around with a couple times to adjust the toe strap to my boot better.

Flex: I prefer a softer flexing binding that allows give and take when riding, and the virtue which has the same highback as the agogo is exactly that. The highback molded great with my Vans boots and offered enough support and flex when riding.

Response: It’s not a difficult binding to ride, I thought it was fairly easy. The response is good but it’s not overally responsive either giving the rider a lot of leverage when riding.

Toe Strap: I rocked the toe strap as a cap strap which I had no problem keeping over the toebox of my boot. It’s comfortable and no issues with pressure points.

Overall Impression: This is the binding if you want the agogo’s but aren’t interested in the auto binding. It’s basically the same binding with some very minor differences (ratchets). I am stoked on the bindings overall but I really like the idea of the auto’s. However these bindings are cheaper and definitely a solid binding for what you get.

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  1. Anonymous
    September 11, 2008

    ahh! I’ve been eyeing these bindings since my bf brought home the catalogue a couple months ago…! It was either these or the auto agogos which are hot. Thanks for the imput cause I definitely want to pick up a pair of these this season, and you just made it a done deal. Cheers! -nikki

  2. gotr0
    January 04, 2009

    Nice review, I just bought a pair of these so I am so excited to try them out!

  3. Shayboarder
    January 06, 2009

    Awesome congrats on the new purchase! Let me know how you like them after you get some days on them.

  4. gotr0
    January 23, 2009

    So far so good. Really like these bindings. They’re super quick to get in and out and I need that since I’m an instructor. They seem pretty durable so far. They def get tighter (sometimes too tight) and more responsive than my last pair of bindings.

    Only negative thing about them is the ratchets on the toe straps get “sticky”, after I crank them they stay up instead of going back down. Should this be a big concern?

    I would also like some advice on a new board. I’m thinking of buying one before next season so I’m not in a hurry. My question is I’m pretty short 5’3″, I want a board about 138-142, maybe on the shorter end so that I can cruise around in the park. But my delima is can I buy a kids’ board? Some kids’ boards would fit me just fine, but I’m concerned about how it would hold up. Do you know if kids’ boards are made with the same quality as adults?

  5. Shayboarder
    January 24, 2009


    Awesome on the bindings, sorry to hear the ratchets are sticking for you. I’d say it’s more irritation than anything, you could always contact K2 to get spare parts to see if that fixes the issue.

    I would be worried about a kids board holding up since they really are meant to be outgrown and would doubt they last as long. Just remember board length goes by weight more than height so your weight will have more to say than your height on selecting length. What are you looking for in terms of a board, what’s your riding style, location and weight?

  6. Talei
    April 29, 2010

    I’m looking at purchasing the K2 virtues, but I’m a bit worried about the size. I have fairly wide large feet (fitting a solomon kiana sz 7.5 boot). You mentioned these bindings can be narrow. would you recommend something else, or just going a size large binding?

  7. May 01, 2010

    Talei, salomons fit narrower so you should be fine. I just noticed for mine I would have sized up but they still fit and just needed to be adjusted better. Are you able to try your boots in the binding before you buy…I’d recommend that to know for sure but the size is 6-10 for women so you’ll be fine.