Steamboat 4/1/08: Gaper Day!

01 Apr, 2008

April 1st (April Fools Day) is mostly commonly known as Gaper Day in the resort towns. It’s the holiday where the locals dress up like the tourists we have come to know and love throughout the year. It’s the day to bring out your first snowboard from the 90’s, your brightly neon one-piece and have fun on the slopes.

Sometimes Gaper Day can get out of hand and bring out the more negative side than the positive side. Summit Daily did an article on the negative side here. In Steamboat it’s about fun, dressing up and having a good time.

This year for Gaper Day I didn’t manage to find a good one-piece in time so I used what I had collected over the past year for a funny costume to wear. I wore black tights, a tight jean skirt, my jacket (it was cold out) with my Von Zipper fanny pack from SIA while sporting my blonde rocker wig, pink/blue headband and purple Scott goggles with really old bright red gloves from the 80’s.

Myself and Jakub ready to gape out
Myself showing off the killer do and wicked goggles
A shot of Jakub from the rear in his one-piece
Here’s me ready to shred in my outfit. Snowboarding in a skirt is interesting and I was riding the Lib Tech McKink again.
Amy, myself and Jakub at the gathering
This blog post is different than my 2007-2008 Gaper Hunt that I will post up after the season ends.

The photos in this post are people pretending to be gapers…not real gapers.

The hotness is with him
This guy must have been freezing but he was with Wonder Bread so he stayed warm
This amazing one-piece was ripping it up on the mountain
Even guys who ride Never Summer’s can sport the one-pieces
It had diamonds
Seriously he was riding that old of a Burton snowboard
Promoting the beer jacket
This was the hottest outfit of the day
John and Aaron. Aaron was a Texan for the day (he’s very good at it since he’s from there)
Top of Sunshine

At a secret/non-secret location the festivities began away from the tourists eyes and where the gathering could begin to celebrate the holiday. Quite a spectacle of bright neon and one-pieces to be seen.

Ran into these guys on the way down near the top of Christie Express…they were glorious

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  1. Erica
    April 13, 2008

    just love this post! Great pics.

  2. Shayboarder
    April 16, 2008

    Glad you like it Erica! Such a fun day, haha