Steamboat 4/5/08

05 Apr, 2008

There were some fun events on the mountain today including the Cardboard Classic and concerts marking the end of the season. I missed out on checking them out but still made it up for a late day of riding.

I met up with a group of friends to ride with for the day including my roommate Leo.
Even with it being April 5th, it is still snowing here in Steamboat. On the mountain we got a nice storm that came in dropping snowflakes most of the day and through the night.

This group of friends switched up their gear for the day. Everyone who skis got on a snowboard for the day and everyone who snowboards skied for the day. I will be participating next year but this year I didn’t hear about it till it was too late so I stuck to my snowboard and taking shots for the day.

Waiting up for everyone

Conditions were hardpacked groomers to slushy bumps in the afternoon. We ventured all over the mountain hitting up Storm Peak to Sundown to Sunshine.

Ryan, Stacia and Lauren

I wanted to get a shot of them coming off the chairlift in hopes of a good photo. I like this shot since it’s shows that it’s still snowing here in Steamboat. Here’s Ryan, Stacia, Lauren and Mike getting off the Storm Peak chairlift

Ryan showing how to properly be in balance on a snowboard

Leo is my roommate and a great skier, he was also a really good snowboarder as he caught on throughout the day. It’s been years since he’s snowboarded but he was euro carving and pulling 180’s off by the afternoon.

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