Steamboat Closing Day 4/6/08

06 Apr, 2008

Ah closing day here in Steamboat, always sad knowing that your mountain is closing and last turns on the snow before summer comes. Last night it snowed throughout Steamboat so today I woke up with new powder and bluebird skies.

This morning was meeting friends outside Surefoot/Powder Pursuits for some breakfast and drinks to start the day off.
We made our way to the mountain. There were checkpoints at the base to eliminate a lot of the drinking going on. Any backpacks were checked which made the lift lines longer to get through.

Gondola full of friends
Waiting around at the Storm Peak line to get up on the mountain

Following our group of friends down Storm Peak Face, as the bluebird skies disappeared and clouds came in. I ended up taking a top to bottom run when I realized I needed my warmer jacket and gloves for the day.
I don’t usually hang around the base of the mountain but while waiting for friends to show up I snapped this shot of the base today. It was fun to watch the costumes as they made their up on the mountain.
I finished out the afternoon by riding with crew. Met up with Amy, John, Jakub and other friends Sara, Cory and Cynthia.
As 2pm rolled around which marked the time that Morningside chairlift would close, we made our way over to get up to the party.

We hiked up from the top of Morningside chairlift to the towers where the last day party is. Even with the backpack check, there was an abundance of drinks going around. It was just hanging out, enjoying the last day and watching some people hit the kicker that was built for the party.

It started to snow heavily when we were up there at the party. April 6th was a fresh powder day and sad to end the day with more powder on the slopes.

Ski Patrol and the Sheriff’s did a check up on the party. Ski Patrol came by (during the mountain sweep) when I snapped this photo. They said to make sure everyone made it home and make sure your friends made it home. It was a cool, chill atmosphere and no issues from the end of the season party.

Ski Patrol checking up on us

Talked to new people and saw old friends that I hadn’t seen much this season. Met a guy with the new Burton Love and talked with him for little bit about the gear coming out next year.

Myself and Amy

Some people took the time to set up a jump for those willing to impress and show off for the crowds. It was fun to watch and a lot of people stuck around to see people throw down spins/flips into powder below. Watching them hike back up looked tiring, since the snow was pretty deep and a lot of postholing.

I like the Papa Muntz style from Out Cold
This guy was awesome, I showed him the pictures as he came up and he was stoked on how well they came out.

Earlier this year I started out my season riding with Amy and John who introduced me to Jakub. Looking back I’m stoked that I found such fun friends to ride with for the season.

Jakub, myself, Amy and John
I rode the Never Summer Evo with rocker today, it’s got a blank topsheet.

I got Amy hooked on Never Summer earlier this year so she purchased the Infinity which is her mountain board.
We started our way down the mountain around 4pm. On the way out a gentlemen made sure we had beers for the ride down. The ride down was great, powder turns and runs to ourselves.

Since we had our beers with us, we stopped at the rock drop to sit down, enjoy the view and finish our beers.

Looking over the edge
The view from the bottom looking up at the rock

By last run to the base of the mountain, it was definitely slow. We had the whole mountain to ourselves as we made it down.

Amy in the middle with the view of Downtown Steamboat in the background
Riding in between BC Chairlift and Storm Peak…both empty and stopped for the season

We made it down to the base where the end of season concert was going on. I gotta admit the smartest people at the base were the Girl Scout’s selling their cookies 2 boxes for $5. It was the best afternoon snack ever.

Here’s a shot of Benny and I in front of the concert

Now that Steamboat is closed, it’s time to hit up Loveland and A-Basin until they close for the season.

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