2008-2009 TWS Good Wood/Future Snowboarding Boards Tests

14 May, 2008

Each year two snowboard tests come out from respective magazines, Future Snowboarding and Transworld Snowboarding Magazine.

These board tests are talked about and people do listen to them. I say with any board test or review, remember the people riding these boards are not you…you might interpret boards differently than a pro rider or test rider. Here’s my take on the list for 2009.

I just started hearing about boards that have been placed in the lists this year.

So here’s a heads up on the 2008-2009 Transworld Good Wood and Future Snowboarding’s board’s of the Year.

The 2009 Good Wood Results List:
Top 10 Men’s Boards over $400
1. K2 Believer
2. Nitro Wiig
3. Burton Uninc
4. Nitro Team
5. Ride DH
6. Lib Tech Skate Banana
7. Salomon Official
9. GNU Riders Choice BTX
10. Rome Mod
Top 10 Men’s boards under $400
1. Burton Hero
2. GNU Carbon High Beam MTX
3. K2 Darkstar
4. Capita Stairmaster
5. Nitro T1
6. Stepchild Powder Sucks
7. Forum Substance
8. Salomon Drift
9. Technine Team Gooner
10. Rossignol Retox
Top 5 Men’s Pipe Boards
1. Burton Vapor
2. Gnu Danny Kass
3. Capita FCG
4. Forum Seeker
5. Flow WX
Top 10 Women’s Boards over $400
1. GNU B-pro BTX
2. Rossignol Diva Mag
3. Rome Lo-Fi
4. Roxy Eminence BTX
5. K2 Fling
6. Forum Craft
7. Lib Tech TRS BTX
8. Burton Stria
9. Ride Canvas
10. Flow Myriad
Top 10 Women’s Boards under $400
1. Technine Women’s Jib
2. Forum Spinster
3. Capita Saturnia
4. Roxy Ollie Pop
5. GNU B-nice MTX
6. K2 VaVaVoom Rocker
7. Atomic Fallen Angel
8. Burton Blender
9. Salomon Lily
10. Rome Detail
Original Post below with Future Results (magazine is done but still keeping them up) 

The Skate Banana in it’s 1st year submitted…won a Good Wood.
The TRS won it’s 4th consecutive Good Wood and won a Future Snowboarding test award.

Capita has 3 boards that won TWS Good Wood: The Stairmaster/Scaremaster and Saturnia. For the 2nd year in a row, the Food Court Gangsta (previously the MHT) got a top 5 TWS Pipe board Award.

GNU women’s boards placed this year with the B-nice winning Future’s $400 & under category and the B-pro BTX winning Future’s $400 & over category.

GNU women’s boards B-nice and B-pro BTX also placed in the good wood awards.

Never Summer SL placed in the Future Snowboarding’s Boards of the Year test.

Nitro Men’s Team in the Future top 10 and Women’s Runaway placed in the Future Test.

Nitro also won 3 good wood awards with the Wiig, Team and T1.

Burton’s new Hero (V rocker aka reverse camber) won a TWS Good Wood in the under $400 category.

The Burton Vapor won a TWS Good Wood in the (way) over $400 category.

The Burton Uninc won a TWS Good Wood in the over $400 category.

The Burton Women’s Blender walked away with a TWS Good Wood in the under $400 category

The Burton Women’s Stria also won a TWS Good Wood in the over $400 category.

The Smoking Superpark with magne traction placed in the Future Snowboarding’s Boards of the Year test.

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  1. hoon
    August 22, 2008

    hi shayboarder. that is all.

  2. Anonymous
    October 15, 2008

    why is the trs btx in the women’s category?

  3. Shayboarder
    October 15, 2008

    I asked Annie Fast, the editor of TWS that and it was an accident that it got in under the women’s category. Lib doesn’t have a women’s board so they submitted it even though it’s not a women’s specific board.

  4. Roland Cheung
    December 15, 2008

    The Lib Tech TRS BTX also got a 2009 award from Future Snowboarding.

  5. Shayboarder
    December 15, 2008

    Thanks Roland…I’ll update that to the list.

  6. Roland Cheung
    December 29, 2008

    Also making Future Snowboarding Magazine’s top 10 lists for 2009: Rossignol One Mag (Men’s under $400) and Rossignol Diva Mag (Women’s over $400).

  7. Roland Cheung
    January 20, 2009

    I’m just trying to compile a comprehensive list of award winners so here are additional 2009 Future Snowboarding board test winners:

    Burton Deuce
    Arbor Del Ray
    Gnu Altered Genetics
    K2 Zero