686 Outerwear 2008-2009

21 May, 2008

I walked away from SIA, totally stoked on 686. They brought something new to the table this year by putting boa into the high end outerwear and in terms of colors/patterns…they gave everyone something. You can still get your favorite jacket in plain colors, bright colors or crazy patterns…you have a choice.

Each year 686 does a collaboration with other companies to produce a limited edition outerwear set. This year is Levi’s. I was hesitant about the Canadian Tuxedo myself but I’ve seen Gag’s wearing it in person and it is pretty sweet looking.

I’m finally putting up some of the 686 pictures I took at SIA as well as some catalog images where I point out each one and the color.

SIA Photos

Up close the Boa knob on 686 Pants

Left to Right: Smarty Complete 2.5 Ply Jacket (Red Digi-print), Smarty Command Jacket (White Chess Print), and Smarty Marker Jacket (Chocolate Plaid)
Top Left to Right: Levi’s 3 Ply Trucker Jacket and Times Levi’s Type 1 Jacket
Bottom Left to Right: Women’s Times Levi’s Type 1 Jacket
My favorite jacket is the yellow jacket in the middle with the green monster…its rad

Left to Right: Times Famous Family Insulated Jacket (Chocolate Plaid and Black History Print)

686 Catalog Images

I tried my best to identify each piece of outerwear in these photos as accurately as possible. Please understand there is possibility for human error in these photos as I mark them with what they are. If I did make a mistake, please leave a comment and I’ll correct it.

I will be updating this as I have time to scan in images. I’ll try to scan in images that are not in these photos like the Plexus Series which features BOA.

Click on images to open bigger

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  1. Marc
    May 22, 2008

    I want the manual fiend yellow pants. Although I don’t think it’s quite loud enough for me (at least not in combination with my red and black snow-school jacket).

  2. Anonymous
    May 25, 2008

    The ACC agent jacket in orange is SICK!!!

  3. Anonymous
    August 01, 2008

    any idea what other colors the smarty complete 2.5 comes in?

  4. Shayboarder
    August 02, 2008

    The smarty Complete 2.5 Jacket and Pant come in black, red-digi print and white digi-print.