A-Basin 5/10/08

10 May, 2008

So far May has been a powder month…I’m amazed that winter hasn’t ended here in Colorado.

I crashed in Breckenridge last night and woke up today to fresh new snow and still dumping snow. I had 5 inches of snow on my truck alone. I stopped in Dillon to pick up K, who I haven’t rode with yet. He’s been sick but ponied up for the day on snow.

We got onto the mountain a little after 9am and managed to get into the main parking lot. It was still dumping snow.
The morning was a bit rough in terms of weather. It was cold, windy and low visibility. But the snow was great, great powder turns and it’s May!

The terrain ahead of us…very hard to see
Got a shot of K enjoying some powder slashes
A shot of K right before the grab…he did grab I just didn’t get the shot
This is my third day with my L1 jacket, definitely keeps me bundled up and I like the look of it.

Early morning powder was there, we skipped on doing Montezuma bowl since we figured it would be pretty busy. The frontside of the mountain still had fresh powder…so we hit up the easy stuff that most people would skip.

Here’s a shot of K…after trying a 380 in the powder.

Today was the first day on the Never Summer Infinity R. Mine is a bit different than the publics since it has the regular sidecut not the Vario Power Grip sidecut. I actually wanted to try the new recurve camber without the vario power grip to get a better idea of it.
We met up with Tom and Jake later in the morning and made some turns with them. The terrain park in the morning had powder turns and eventually the rails were cleared for the park rats to ride them.

Caught a photo of the guys trying to stay warm on the chairlift.

Here’s some photos I took of the guys hitting up the rails in the terrain park.

Tom’s turns

K’s turns

We didn’t stay into the afternoon when the sun started to come out. Jake hurt himself and needed a ride to the hospital, K was still feeling sick so we called it a day.

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  1. Marc
    May 12, 2008

    Ah man! I wish I could be slashing pow right now. This morning as I was riding the bus to work, I was looking at some convex rolls in the terrain, a lush dark green at this point, imagining them covered in several feet of snow. I’m jealous.