A-Basin 5/11/08

11 May, 2008

Finally a spring riding day at A-Basin. Woke up this morning to beautiful blue skies with no clouds and warm weather.

I hit up the mountain with Tom. He’s a good freestyle skier who is still pushing me to ride the park more, I’m still working on the riding part and not taking photos of him riding the park part. We have fun on the mountain together even with our different riding styles.

Tom sporting the North Korea bandanna.
My friend Amy got this on a trip to China with a excursion to North Korea…I keep it as a spare and Tom left his at home.

We just made laps on the frontside, hitting up Pali or the Len chair and hitting the terrain park on the way down. The groomers were fun and fast today. I had a good crash today as well. It was right under Len chair so even more classic. I was carving down the powderline run and caught my edge when I was transitioning into switch riding…scorpioned myself and slid down the run. My ankle is a little tweaked from it…icing it right now but overall just enjoyed the fresh taste of snow. 

The conditions at A-Basin are really good, the whole mountain is open and snow coverage is great. It got a windy by the afternoon, but still not too bad.

The terrain park was busier today, fun watching a variety of riders and skiers hitting the features.

I had the pleasure of meeting some of the Burton Message Boards members. I joined a couple months ago and occasionally pop my head in there. Jungle Larry is A-Basin rider so it was cool to see him on the mountain, meet him and talk with him a bit.

Here’s one of my more favorite Tom jibbing photos from today.
As today was Mother’s Day, Gag’s the NS rep was up with his family. We joined them and enjoyed some brats and beer down on the beach.
From Gag’s photo collection, here’s a shot of me and Tom just hanging out.
I would call this photo of Tom, suntanning…but he’s completely covered so it’s the basking shot of him. He was done for the day.

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