A-Basin 5/24/08

24 May, 2008

Today was a really fun day. We had a fun crew, good conditions and we are snowboarding in May!

K and I rode the morning but met up with TJ halfway through the day. I met TJ through Burton Message Boards so it was awesome to actually get to ride with him and hang out for the day.

The crew today: Myself, K and TJ
K after ducking a rope to enjoy some powder…enjoyed it up close.
Following TJ’s lead

I had seen in TJ’s previous photos the log cabin at A-Basin, so today he showed us where it was. With TJ’s help to hold up a rope, K dropped in to launch off the log cabin. It was quite an accomplishment, since the landing was rough.

It did snow in summit county the last couple days. We found some powder turns all over the mountain. Quite amazing to be riding powder in May.

One of my favorite photos of K slashing up the snow today.

It was the first day rocking the Pow Mustachio gloves. The mustachio gloves have two rad mustache’s you can choose from, quite frankly…I had fun sporting the gloves. Through the varying conditions, the gloves kept my hands warm.
Since Montezuma bowl was closed, the guys hit up the drops near the chairlift. Still some powder turns to be made after each drop.

The guys scouting out one of the dropsK’s landing in the powderTJ’s first drop

The second section of drops came out better and had a better landing for them.


TJ’s drops

K’s drops

The view from the top of Montezuma Bowl is really amazing. You can see the runs at Keystone and Breck in the distance. The guys were talking and pointing out hiking terrain that would be sweet lines. I got this photo of them looking out over the beauty
This week with the help of my friend Steve (his artistic eye) we stickered up my NS Evo R…it was a blank topsheet with a NS decal and really needed some vamping up. I had saved some good die cuts and favorite stickers to use up eventually. Steve convinced me to put my favorite old school Capita skull sticker up on it. It’s a variety of Spacecraft, POW, Nitro, L1, Ashbury (new goggle company).

We had some downtime at the top of Exhibition…so the guys made sure to show their high 5 love in pure bright color steeze style.

Ran into Dan from Lib Tech, he was up on the mountain taking out the GNU snowskates.
The best moment for the guys was seeing this one girl on the mountain. She had her boobies ready to show the world…and made sure you noticed them. I got this shot of the guys following her trying to capture her bouncing boobs on camera. We ended the day by stopping by the Santa Cruz tent on the beach to hang out with Dan and Patrick. Always a great day to end it with BBQ and beer.

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  1. Toast
    May 25, 2008

    Greetings from NZ
    Hi Shay,

    A-basin looks rad!.. Looks like you cats have had a wicked season and are making the most of the sun shine… Nice!

    The crew here in Queenstown are all AMPED for the season which is about to start. We have had a regular solid dumping of snow already and all things are pointing to an EPIC one!

    I was just buzzing out on your pics and thought I’d drop you line.


  2. Shayboarder
    May 28, 2008

    Thanks Toast! Yeah we had a fun weekend of shredding. As you can see I enjoy taking pics…since i’m not much of a jibber.

    Looks like you guys are going to have a wicked season!