A-Basin 5/25/08

26 May, 2008

Shredding Part 1 

This weekend has been all about shredding and today was no exception. 

K and I made it back up to A-Basin, met up with TJ and enjoyed a day in the sunshine on the mountain. It was busier since today was a Beer Festival at A-Basin. Luckily TJ’s friends had a spot on the beach right by a couple guys like Dan and Pat. Got introduced to others and made turns with some new people. One funny moment was meeting Damian out from New York who actually came across my blog a few days earlier…small world eh!

Myself and K hanging on the beach
Hanging out at the Beach with everyone


We took a couple laps but really conditions were super slushy compared to yesterday and a lot busier.

TJ, Phil and K riding
K’s ollie over a snow rock

We decided to do our own mini-session on the beginner slope. We used my Never Summer Evo R as the rail and set up some other features around it. It is sweet to use your board as a rail in times of need. 

K setting up the Never Summer “rail”

The first set up was my board with a cone after that was easy to jump over or just bonk.

The second set up was my board, the cone and another board.

One of my favorites shots of the day was K doing a tail block

K took out the mustachio gloves today, while I rocked the Pow women’s skinny gloves which really are a perfect fit for my hands.

rocking the women’s skinny gloves in purple and pink

Caught up with some of the guys we hung out with on the beach including Dan. He’s my favorite…keeps it real with me.
Last run down some guys set up a jib session along the trail to the way way up there parking lot. We just rode by it but looked fun.
This day’s riding is continued… 

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  1. Anonymous
    June 03, 2008

    Hey. This is Damian (from NY) as mentioned in this post. I had a ton of fun that day, hope you did too. Great blog, I’ll definitely be checking it out more.

  2. Shayboarder
    June 09, 2008

    Thanks Damian! Such a funny moment to meet you on the mountain and you had checked out the blog! Take it easy!