A-Basin 5/31/08

31 May, 2008

Shredding Part 1

Tom and I made the trek down this morning to ride A-Basin.

It finally seems like spring riding now, slushy and sunny everyday! We pulled up to A-Basin and even the crowds are dying down meaning you can park in the main lot after 10am.

The snow coverage is holding up but more rocks are coming through. The snow has the brown tint showing through.

The terrain park is still holding up
Tom on the rail

Skiers and Snowboards are in the same game…loving snow. I have never understood the people who think its skiers vs snowboarders on the mountain. Ride with who you have fun with…regardless of the plank they are on (I do wonder about snowblades…but hey…to each his own).
Last run down took the shot of me with the camera and the A-basin east wall behind me.
Caught the Never Summer guys with the tent on the beach in the morning and talked with Gags on the way out.

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  1. David
    June 01, 2008

    man, i cant beleive you guys still have resorts open. calis last standing resort just closed today. mammoth usually makes it to july 4th but not this year. i gotta hit up colorody next season for shizzle

  2. Shayboarder
    June 09, 2008

    We are pretty lucky in Colorado to have long seasons. October to June is normal since I moved here.