Breckenridge 5/25/08

26 May, 2008

Shredding Part 2

Well we left A-Basin and I offered up the idea to check out Breck to do some hiking. Breck’s superpipe is a super easy hike from the base of Peak 8 and really I just wanted to ride halfpipe.

Breckenridge closed last month but the snow conditions are still amazing on the mountain. Most mountains will run a cat down the center of a halfpipe after closing…to ensure that no one will ride it. It really is a bummer but I can see how some people ruin it for others. I take full responsibility for my actions.

We drove up and from the parking lot…could see it was rideable. Plus there were other features set up.

Naturally walked up the stairs
Not a bad hike from the bottom of the chairlift

The only downside to the halfpipe in it’s current state was the opening of dirt at the bottom and occasionally some small pieces of wood in the pipe. It was wide with varying snow conditions…you had to adjust to bumps along each transition…making it more difficult to ride pipe.

Breck still has a ton of snow. We were able to see fresh lines down the top of Peak 8 from those really wanting to hike.
Above the super pipe at Breck is freeway which you could see in this photo. Even a month after Breck closed…those jumps are still massive.

K was the first to drop in as I was hiking up.

After that run K opted to stay at the bottom with TJ to build up some features that were lying around.
I made my way up the halfpipe, dropped in from the normal drop in point..cranked the tunes and hoped for the best.

I’m on the right hiking up
My 3rd run through the pipe, K got some shots of me from afar, In this shot I’m on the left riding up the wall, then making my way down. I have the whole sequence so I’ll try to put them together into one photo.

I hung out at the bottom watching the guys build up some goodies they found lying around.
Here is TJ’s test run on the barrel and my first practice shot of getting him in the picture completely.
Throughout the sessions I messed around with taking photos through goggles. I ended up with this shot of the Breck mountains, huge sun setting and clouds through the lenses. I had to crop out the black blur of the goggles but I like how it came out.

The best feature and most fun to get photographed was the setting up of the barrel with using my board as a rail again. Both of the guys dropped in from different sides timing it so they both hit the features at the same time. I got a couple shots but these two came out the best. K knocked down my board after sliding up it.
We rode down at the end of the day. Conditions were really good at Breck…the riding down was better than the slushy A-Basin today.

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