Breckenridge 5/31/08

31 May, 2008

Shredding Part 2

Tom and I took off from A-Basin to meet up with TJ and K who were hiking Breck. Breckenridge is closed, has been since April 20th. We noticed the signs so we made sure to include them in photos.

A beautiful day to be up on the mountains. Here’s a shot of me enjoying it all.

Even with the mountain closed…people have been enjoying the snow that’s left. These lines were up on Peak 8.The guys ordered pizza from Dominoes as I was driving there. I picked up the pizza and delivered it to the base under the condition, K had to come get it and carry it up.

The hike up had changed dramatically since last weekend with the snow melting very quickly. On the hike up, you encountered a couple streams, mud and the alpine slide that’s being unmelted.

The halfpipe is dying…rapidly. I dropped in on the lower part to see if I could do one-hits at the bottom of it without hitting dirt. Even then the snow was so slow between it was tough.

The guys created more of a set up this time…on the left is two barrels, a rail in the middle and a barrel on the right. The test run where they tried at the same time.

K jumping over the sign. The landing was sketch but he pulled it out.
TJ jumping over the sign

TJ rode up on the two barrels and one of them shifted during the ride on…these next two photos are on the same set of sequences.

During some down time, Tom showed off his skill on the barrel in a different way.

Tom and I headed out with TJ and K sticking around to keep up the riding.

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