A Glimpse at the Signal Park Rocker

29 May, 2008

By announcing the Park Rocker last month, Signal showed that they are in the industry expanding in positive, new and unique ways. Signal is already growing with each board series making a dent on the peer boards around it. This smaller company out of Seattle, now has the Lodge, their factory based in Huntington Beach, California. The Lodge gives them complete control over the quality of each snowboard as a growing minority of US made snowboard products.

Mike from Signal showed me this video that shows the Park Rocker in action on the snow in Japan. Quite frankly it’s a fun video to watch and has a catchy song. Judging by this video of experimenting with the Park Rocker shows this board is around to stay…giving us consumers another option in the reverse camber selection.

Each company producing reverse camber snowboards for 08-09 have shown that they have their own input on how these boards should ride. I have rode 3 different types of reverse camber and none of them ride the same. 

I’m looking forward to seeing how the Park Rocker is embraced by snowboarders. As a late announcement, the Park Rocker wasn’t available at on-snow demos.

Signal Park Rocker

Correction… 1.4 lbs is the wood core weight.

To see more of Signal for 2008-2009 click here 

Signal Snowboards website

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  1. Luke
    June 19, 2008

    These are some tasty looking treats. I believe I will pick one up for next season.