The Realm of Spacecraft

20 May, 2008

You might have never heard of Spacecraft but I’m sure you’ve seen the snow cat. It’s a underground movement constantly evolving, growing and expanding. It’s the story, the art, the riders and the feeling.

Back in Washington you could be on any highway, any road and always spot a spacecraft sticker lurking. Even now in Colorado, I see spacecraft on every trip to the mountains.

It started out as seeing the eclectic group of stickers all over Seattle and I-5 getting the word out about this company . The artwork and design behind each product makes them valuable. What started out as a mass underground sticker assault unit…Spacecraft has emerged as brand recognition in the snowboard market. With products ranging from beanies to art collectives, wallets to softgoods all keeping with the spacecraft state of mind.

Spacecraft constantly puts the word out to snowboarders and artists for sticker sheet submissions on their myspace blog. I originally got my stickers by being a friend on myspace of Spacecraft.

Today you will find spacecraft in most snowboard shops. Snowboard Connection, Evo, Surf the Earth, Dogfunk, Exit Real World and Zumiez all carry Spacecraft.

The staff at Spacecraft has always been super friendly and helpful.

The Spacecraft Bunny is constantly at events. Whether it’s going missing at SIA, riding the Banked Slalom at Baker, hitting up the US Open or just hanging out at the camps in the summer on Hood…the bunny is always out there.

They expanded from stickering up SIA in past years to this year having a booth at SIA. Spacecraft debuted with style making it known they have made it into the masses. Check out Spacecraft and get ready for the upcoming 2008-2009 products.

Since I am a huge supporter of Spacecraft, I have a couple products that I own and just recently picked up.

My wallet is Spacecraft and every time I pull this out, I get compliments on how rad it is. It is still going strong but my next wallet will be another rad Spacecraft design.

I just picked up two of my favorite products I’ve been eyeing this year. My personal favorite is the cat logo. I picked these up from dogfunk

Spacecraft Super Logo Full-Zip Hoodie

Spacecraft Cat T-shirt

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  1. Marc
    May 20, 2008

    Haha, I think I saw that bunny in a Refused video a few years ago. Also I’m sure I saw some of those stickers in Whistler. I definitely like the snowcat, now if only they sold the actual machines at low low prices, I’d never get stuck on my way to the hill again!

  2. BigNolDogg
    May 21, 2008

    Great Company!

    My favorite Beanie is made my Spacecraft (this particular beanie is made in Bali!)

    Cool Zip hoody Shay, saw someone with that and wanted to pick it up but dont have the $$$………

  3. Shayboarder
    May 21, 2008

    Yeah I found the hoodie for 25% off from dogfunk so I purchased it there. Wearing the t-shirt today and so comfortable.