Atomic Bindings 2008-2009

04 Jun, 2008

When I first saw it…I was glad someone who I wasn’t expecting took the risk, saw the potential and tried something new. Atomic for 2008-2009 introduced a binding called the El Presidente that has BOA technology on the ratchet. Unfortunately I missed out on the chance to demo the bindings but this is one binding technology that I want to see and test out.

I have friends who love atomic bindings and know others who hate them. For me, they were middle ground…a solid binding but nothing that stood out yet. I had heard from friends at Atomic that the bindings would become better and I believe they have. Maybe it’s the alcoholic in me that likes the names of the bindings.

I believe Atomic has a product better than most people expect it to be.

A quote from the Atomic catalog

“Over the past two seasons we’ve undertaken a monumental binding project of epic proportions. The first step was to scrap every bit of conventional knowledge about bindings and embark on a search and destroy mission. So after a night at the pub down the street, we began testing everything from the cheap plastic bindings found on toy snowboards to the most expensive “I have to use all of my student loans” to buy them models. And thanks to the advice of our global brethren, we measured, we destroyed, we frankenstiened and jimmy rigged. All for the quest of lighter, stronger, better. We’ve endured two years of ankle bite, broken ratchets, cracked baseplates, slipping toe straps and shattered highbacks all so you don’t have too. Enjoy!”

Atomic Binding Technology
Men’s Bindings

El Presidente
Black Russian
Straight Shot

Women’s Binding

Mai Tai

Junior Binding

Half Pint

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