A-Basin 6/7/08

07 Jun, 2008

It’s the closing weekend here at A-Basin so I came down to enjoy some last turns with friends. None of the Steamboat friends made it down so I hit up the mountain with K and TJ.

The snow is still holding up but we got first glimpses of brush showing through. It is heavy and slushy. It was warm out with sunny skies and quick moving clouds occasionally.
Luckily there are ways to ride through brush and other debris on the mountain. TJ showing off the skill.
Pali chair was packed with long lines so we stuck to exhibition lift where we could make laps with no lines. Lower mountain was where the ponds were coming through in some spots…not the best pond skimming but a little mini shred through it.

Jumping a creek
Future pond skimming spot

Last night I stopped through Winter Park to pick up a snowboard from the Atomic Rep Jay. You’re looking at Atomic’s reverse camber prototype. I spent today on it and I’ll be riding it tomorrow to check it out. The graphics are not real as well. So keep on the look out for more info about this board. Thanks to Eric from Atomic for giving me the chance to ride the board!

What do you do when you have not much space to snowboard in? Find creative ways to entertain yourselves on the mountain…and that’s what they did and I photographed.

TJ’s jump over some shrubbery.

The boys found two sticks to play with. It was a ninja warrior on snow.
Later the sticks came in handy to ollie over.
K decided to show off mad skills with his ollie including the ninja warrior stick. He was riding my NS Evo R for the day.
One lesson learned today is being hungover…not me but K. The chairlift ride wasn’t feeling so hot for him after last nights drinking. Luckily, no one was below and he’s got mad skill.

Tomorrow is closing day, lets hope for another sunny day!

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  1. Anonymous
    June 08, 2008

    lucky you!:) here in Europe (Poland) snow is over in may:/ very interesting blog, useful reviews and nice pics!
    and this is how we do it in Poland:


    take care!

  2. Crispy
    June 08, 2008

    Love those ollie pics. In the 1st one, it looks like he’s ollieing over a mini version of the 2nd dude.

  3. Shayboarder
    June 09, 2008

    Awesome lines you have there in Poland…looks like some amazing terrain! Thanks, glad you like the site!

  4. Shayboarder
    June 09, 2008

    Yeah the ollie pics are fun, we just picked up a stick and put it in a spot to jump over.