A-Basin Closing Day 6/8/08

08 Jun, 2008

Today was closing day here at A-Basin Colorado. It’s June and last night it snowed 2 inches. I understand this is Colorado, higher elevation and I should be used to it…but it still amazes me. K and I arrived at A-Basin pretty early to find that it snowed more than a light flurry, it was busy but we managed to find good parking and we found out we should have slept a bit later till the snow softened up.

I sported a hoodie for the first time this year on snow…I later changed into my jacket to protect me against the wind.
The mountain was busy. Luckily a lot of people spent more time in the parking lot enjoying BBQing and drinking over riding the mountain. Lift lines weren’t too bad since A-Basin opened the Norway chairlift, helping with congestion at Pali chair today.
K and I took a morning run on the upper mountain…just to check it out. The snow was sheet ice with the new snow from last night on top. It was not very fun to ride on.
The lower mountain was a better option for the morning, there wasn’t much ice and the new snow overnight was really fun to ride through in spots.

With 2 inches overnight, on one of the trails were were making very heavy slushy powder turns down the first run. I grabbed my camera out and snapped a photo of the atomic as I’m riding it through the snow.

Snow already being pushed around.

Even with the new snow, the creekbeds were still fun to ollie over for the guys. The slow sign soon became another obstacle on the mountain. Here’s K tail tapping it.As was closing day tradition there were a lot of outfits on the mountain. Even with it being a colder day on the hill, the shorts and bikinis came out. Here are some of my favorites I captured on film.

The three guys stood out…in full Gaper force
Cookie Monster!
Ski Patrol doing it Reno 911 style…it was that hot.

K decided to dress up in the one-piece I had brought with me. He made it look steezy and made sure to show off a specific riding style…mixture of big pimpin meets Texas. 

Ok the best part about this photo is not really K…it’s the guy on the left behind him that’s a pirate doing the most fruity skiing movement that I have ever captured on film. With K in it…just makes it better.

The guys did another run to ollie over the pole I set into place.

For our last run we went up to the top of the mountain, took a right and headed to cornice run since K wanted to do the cornice drop.

Taking a nice step up jump

Here’s K’s drop…he’s the guy in the middle of the photo with the yellow on his one-piece.
At the end of shredding, we went back to our cars and celebrated with Champagne.
K, myself and TJ enjoying a round of Champagne toasting the great season we had.
And what Colorado is all about…it was snowing at the end of the day. I tried my best to capture the trees as it snowed on them.
My season is still not done…but it’s sad when it’s done in Colorado.

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  1. Craig
    June 08, 2008

    I have that hoodie to. We must be super classy!

  2. Shayboarder
    June 09, 2008

    Sweet Craig! Yeah my favorite hoodie …and of course we’re classy…it’s just in our blood.