Longboarding 6/15/08

15 Jun, 2008

I was supposed to head to Aspen today to hike Independence Pass with friends. I ended up staying in Steamboat after dealing with a sore throat for the last two days.

Since today was such a great day outside, Tom and I chose to longboard on the Steamboat Yampa River Core Trail which is perfect for just cruising on.

Tom rode down to the trail from my house which has some good steep hills, I chose to drive and park the truck at the start of the trail on the end of town.

It took a while to get used to longboarding again…I didn’t tighten the trucks enough so on one hill, the board got a bit squirrelly but I managed to stay on and ride it out. I’m more of just a cruiser type of rider on the longboard. I did get used to skating again and eventually got comfortable on the board

We skated to Sunpies the summer bar and enjoyed a drink there before skating back. Not sure on the total mileage but the trail overall is 7 miles, so we probably did about 2 miles each way.

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