What’s going on with Rossignol Snowboards?

22 Jun, 2008

The Salt Lake City Tribune put out a recent article that Rossignol Ski Company is up for sale. Soon after more information came out that the sale would only include the ski side of the company; ski equipment and apparel.

First Tracks Online posted up this article regarding the issue which I’ve quoted the most interesting part below:

“Among winter sports brands, Quiksilver also maintains the Quiksilver, Roxy, DC and other apparel brand businesses. The company will continue to make snowboarding equipment under its DC, Roxy, Lib Technologies, Gnu and Bent Metal labels.”

So it remains to be seen. In case you didn’t know, Rossignol makes snowboards. But if the sale only includes Ski Equipment and the Quiksilver company will continue making snowboards under those brands listed above…what happens to Rossignol Snowboards?

While Rossignol Snowboards is not one of the most popular core brands out there for snowboarding, it is a snowboard company that has built snowboards for the last 21 years. It has an excellent all mountain team in place and products that are known to handle it all.

At this time, it looks like the latest edition of DC snowboards to Quiksilver will be replacing the brand with a newer name, cleaner look and years of brand recognition behind it. When it was first announced that DC would make snowboards, the snowboard public wanted to know more about the boards, how they ride and are ready to purchase even before they have been released. That is something that Rossignol snowboards has been lacking in…so something needs to change.

With the 08-09 winter rapidly approaching and snowboard products soon arriving at shops…I guess we will find out soon the future fate of Rossignol Snowboards. Will this be the last year or is there more to be said?

Update: Here’s a quote from a reliable anonymous source about Rossignol…”The snowboard program is definitely not in any jeopardy in my mind, we are growing and have a really solid plan for the future.”

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  1. Pink Monkey
    June 24, 2008

    I’m sorry in advance if I’m wrong… but I thought I remember reading somewhere that Rossignols outerwear has been up for sale for a while now? I’d go quote it but am to busy at work… can’t you tell? But I thought I remember hearing that Quiksiliver’s thoughts on the division of Rossignol outerwear was a ‘dying’ cause.

    Interesting to see for sure if DC were to buy this division, and how ‘fast’ it would take off. Can you imagine Rob and Big on a snowboard?

  2. Shayboarder
    June 24, 2008

    Hey Monkey! Outerwear might have been up for a while, now it’s the whole side of Rossignol put up for sale. From what I heard is Quiksilver isn’t really the right fit for Rossignol and this sale would be a good thing for Rossignol. DC is part of Quiksilver.

  3. Anonymous
    January 25, 2009

    So any updates about Rossignol for 2010?


    If yes do you think they will be able to keep there patend bought from Mervin regarding Magnetraction and exten it in sort of Reverse Camber like other in 2010?
    Thanks a lot<
    Francis, Montreal

  4. Shayboarder
    January 25, 2009

    I’ve heard there is new tech for 2010 and some good stuff coming out. I meet with Rossignol on Friday so they are one of the last companies of the week so keep checking back and I’ll let you know.