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21 Jul, 2008

So if you are a fan of 686 Outerwear, you should really check out their newsletter they put out each month. I originally found it through their Myspace profile where they linked to the 686 Park Crew parties this past winter.

In the newsletter you can find various rad 686 happenings, including glimpses at upcoming lines they have. The July newsletter features the new Plexus line which has boa in the snowboard pants and jackets. The July newsletter also included my interview with sales rep Mike Gagliardi who reps for 686 and Never Summer and others.

The June newsletter featured a 686 trip to Asia and a look into the production of the outerwear at the factory. Personally any company that shows you the factory, the workers and the production behind everything is a great example for those who care about where the products are being made and by whom. I have no issues with overseas productions as long as it is healthy overseas productions.

Keep looking out for more of their newsletters as they come out each month!

*image provided by 686.

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