Are you having fun at work? Eesa is!

17 Jul, 2008

I received an email from eesa that spoke volumes on having fun at work.  Seriously who wants to work in an environment where you don’t like your co-workers or your job?  

Take a peak at the photos from eesa below.   Get ready for their upcoming 08-09 line that keeps you warm and looking good. 

Gratitude Attitude

Every morning I wake up, pop open my eyes, take a loving sigh and thank the heavens for the blessing that is our summer crew at eesa. They are hard-working, fun and most importantly, incredibly good-looking. As the premier lifestyle layering brand, we effort daily to surround ourselves with incredibly good-looking things, naturally, I fit right in. Summertime, we’ve got mucho projectos in the cue as we prepare for the whirlwind of fall. Thankfully, our summer crew is here with their working shoes laced up and their elbows fully greased.

Cleary- looking for UFOs in our backyard, he wants to be the first to welcome them to this wonderful planet.
Agatha- she loves Physics and 1-900 numbers
Julianne- a.k.a Jules, our Product Manager and reality television/celebrity gossip liaison.
Lorena- our womens apparel designer born with the rare and tragic Delicious Corner of Lip Syndrome (DCLS). She’s getting hitched in September! (it deserved an exclamation point)
LAustin- she’s mostly been working on the catalog which hits this fall. As for Laura, she doesn’t really hit at all because she’s a lady, a lovely, lovely lady.

Bettina- she loves to love, and she’s dang good at it. You can reach her through, or during a daydream every now and then.
Leigh- she has a boyfriend, but he’s out of town for the summer.

Justin- we caught him bagel-handed! (also exclamation point worthy) Bagels and vinyl are frequent in his arsenal of general awesomeness.
Mark- as you can see, it’s snowing in VT right now. Not really, it’s just that Mark is all man and I didn’t want to intimidate anyone with the bikini swim suit photo I originally took.

Guest star appearances by Lucas and Jonny- Eating pancakes for dinner on our roof. Lucas is a Leo, Jonny is an Aquarius. Both single, both not hairless anymore and both the coolest high schoolers on planet earth.

So thank you to our summer crew,

They make me happy, like the morning dew.

Even though our office has no AC,

It’s one of my favorite places to be.

Because of you guys.

Now lets hug.

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