Betty Doesn’t Ride

31 Jul, 2008

Today on Transworld Business is a press release by Betty Rides showcasing the Bachelorette Deanna Pappas sporting all Betty Rides gear this summer at Mt. Hood.

I grew up sporting a Betty Rides jacket which was a company based around women in the sport getting out there and riding. For the last 14 years, I’ve seen more women in the industry pushing it and working hard to make women’s products become better. We need those women to represent us in the industry.

Needless to say, this press release was disappointing as a female rider. Last time I saw, Deanna was learning how to ride at A-Basin by her boyfriend on the show and to learn to snowboard, she was either holding his hands down the hill or riding piggyback style on his back. That doesn’t help her learn how to snowboard and was disappointed in how it was presented but that’s TV for you.

What does that tell upcoming female riders? Don’t worry if you can’t ride, just use your boyfriend to get you free gear and he’ll make sure you get down the mountain without learning how to snowboard.

There are thousands of girls out there, strong women on the mountain who can ride (park, pipe, powder) and are pushing the sport…and we get someone who hasn’t done anything for pushing women in snowboarding.

I find this a huge blow to women out there riding and to the girls looking for role models. I expect more from a company that wants to promote women riding and women’s products…good thing there are many other companies who do promote their women riders that push the sport.

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  1. *MILLY*
    July 31, 2008

    Betty rides is one of my favorite snowboard clothing companies. They have rad stuff coming out this year and even next year and I got to sit in on a story board meeting for the year after and I am stoked for that stuff also! Fashion meets snowboarding meets comfy meets raddness!

  2. Shayboarder
    July 31, 2008

    I definitely give them props on the products…but who you represent your company says a lot as well…at least have a girl who rides represent your company.

  3. vixen
    July 31, 2008

    Shay, I am totally with you on this. I’ve got nothing against the Bachelorette but she is not who I want to see rep’ing women’s snowboarding! There’s no shortage of inspiring female riders I would SO much rather see.

  4. kidsrgr8
    July 31, 2008

    So, ummmm, last I knew Betty Rides very definitely has pro riders AS WELL AS young promising riders who “represent” the company. It’s a pretty sweet company, actually. I think it’s great that there’s this woman, AKA DeDe Pappas, the “bachelorette”, who is excited about learning the sport, who even went to Mt. Hood to learn in the summer and who is now boarding on her own (barely, but she is) – heck, give the girl a chance; she just started! And it’s only my opinion (and you can have yours) that there will be LOTS of parents,who watched Jesse and DeDe on the slopes via TV, and will now consider introducing boarding to their kids. I predict this connection between snowboarding and Jesse and DeDe will actually bring a noticeable boost to the sport of snowboarding. But I also understand, to some extent, how weird that prediction must be to the regular shredders. If you approach this from a positive vantage point you might be able to sense the benefits to the sport rather than what you are worried about. Way to go Betty Rides — good move.

  5. Kdot
    August 01, 2008

    The truth is somewhere in the middle, right? You should ask what the TV program didn’t show. I’ll bet DeAnna had some successes that first day and will doubtless have more to come. I can’t blame Betty Rides for decking her out- it will help them sell product. But I guess not to you Shay 😉 I admit, I watched the show, and she seemed like a legit nice person who loves fun and adventure. I’d be proud to have her representing a brand that thinks of themsleves in the same way, even if she doesn’t have legit shred skills…yet.

    BTW- Jesse is an AASI Level 3 instructor and was the first Rocky Mountain division member to be fully freestyle accredited. This could help DeAnna rip it up 😉

  6. Shayboarder
    August 01, 2008

    I love discussions 🙂

    Betty Rides does have some great female riders for their company, they got Celia Miller who I’m a big fan of and in definite recognition for her talents. Their pro athletes are definitely deserving of being recognized by their own company.

    I’m stoked that Deanna is learning how to snowboard. I give her credit for being out there trying at Mt Hood. Hopefully this time around her level III boyfriend will take the time to teach her properly.

    My main concern and why I wrote this…is this is a female company out there making women’s products and chooses someone who does not snowboard (very little skill) to represent their company. Of all the women out there who ride hard, who deserve recognition…this is what we get to showcase us?

    What would you have said if it was Paris Hilton? Or another tv person that also doesn’t snowboard, but somehow gets more recognition than every other girl out there working her ass off to be in this industry, to compete against guys and to make sure women in snowboarding continue to happen.

    There are better role models out there who actually snowboard who deserve to be recognized…not because they were on tv and happened to start dating a snowboarder.

  7. ae
    August 12, 2008

    they are probably trying to branch out to people who are new to the sport, maybe inspire some confidence to get started, stick with it, & maybe (hopefully?) do it in some betty rides gear..

  8. Samantha
    August 16, 2008

    Hi, I watched the show so I think I can help you feel a little better about this. DeAnna is a naturally gifted athlete, she put the guys on the show to shame more than once because she was better at them than whatever they were trying to do (for example she had the fastest speed when racing stock cars around a track and she was the best on the ATV 4 wheelers). Her favorite thing to do for fun is attend Braves baseball games. She isn’t a fluffy girly girl.

    When Jesse (now her fiance) first had her strap on the board she stood straight up from a sitting position without falling back on her butt, how often does that happen on someone’s very first attempt to stand? He was really impressed!

    As for holding hands, that is how Jesse teaches all his students how to board, it wasn’t something he did just to baby her. (Maybe you learned differently, but he’s been a certified snowboard instructor for 7 years.) He says it can take around 5 days before someone is ready to ride entirely on their own and make turns. By her 2nd day on Mt. Hood she was doing it all on her own without holding his hands. Maybe you were boarding and linking turns on your first day, but I am not sure why it’s a contest.

    He gave her the piggyback ride because he was trying to impress her — it worked. 😉

    They’re moving back to Breck in November (right now they’re living together in Georgia) where she will continue snowboarding, she’ll be keeping up with him on the slopes in no time at all. She’s not a snow bunny, that’s for sure.

    Betty Rides already sponsors a lot of serious dedicated riders, so I am not sure why a “celebrity” endorsement like this ruffles feathers. If it brings exposure to snowboarding (and the silly show certainly did that!) and shines some of that spotlight on Betty Rides then I can only see how it’s a positive thing for both the sport and the company.

  9. Shayboarder
    August 17, 2008

    I’ll try to explain myself a bit better. Saw the link from Jokersupdate to here about the article I posted.

    I totally respect Deanna for learning to snowboard, it’s awesome to see another chick on the mountain out there riding. However when you have some great chicks out there and a company chooses to use someone who doesn’t snowboard (granted is learning with a couple days at Hood in the photographer camp) that is what is a blow to women riders. It’s kind of like working your ass off and getting the same wage/respect as someone who doesn’t work at all. If all it takes is one reality tv show to become a snowboarder that influences people that is what I believe is wrong. I give the girl credit for being out there riding, his influence obviously but to be a role model for snowboarding…there are better women out there contributing to the sport.

    I taught snowboarding for 8 years and holding hands is the last thing you do…it’s the last resort in my opinion. You want someone to learn to control their toeside and heelside edges, and by using you in front to hold them up…it’s not giving them that chance. It looks cute on tv but honestly I only did that for students that really needed help. The best thing I found was to take off my board and keep my hands right under theirs without touching, keeping close to them and on a good gradual slope. That’s just me though, I’m not here to judge his teaching…obviously she is learning.

    I just don’t think someone who doesn’t snowboard should be representing a snowboard company. I see that with a lot of things it’s all marketing…totally understand that. But to have someone who isn’t in the sport be a representative is a bad choice…by the company. I give her credit for getting it while she can and I hope that she’s still riding in a couple years.

  10. June 14, 2009

    Just curious I thought of this article recently and since they’ve broken up it doesn’t seem like she has been snowboarding since. I’d love to see if she actually picked up snowboarding after a year and without dating a snowboarder.