Checking out Mt Evans

26 Jul, 2008

Today we ventured out to Mt. Evans.  It is the worlds highest paved road sitting at 14,240 feet with amazing views around it.  After the highway open on May 23rd, Gag’s and his crew made it out to ride Mt Evans in June and the pictures he sent me were awesome to check out.   
Here’s a photo of Gag’s himself on Mt Evans ollie’ing over a boulder back in June.  Unfortunately since then the snow has melted and only small patches of snow remain.  But in early June the Gag’s crew had a sweet time of enjoying snowboarding at 14,000 feet.

Photo compliments of Mike Gagliardi

We went up to Mt. Evans to check it out, see what snow was left since Gag’s had rode it and venture onto the top of a mountain we hadn’t been. 

It was refreshing to see a big Spacecraft sticker on the sign to Mt Evans
The road took a lot longer than expected and I drove slow with some nice drops on the sides.  However there were still snow patches throughout the drive and here’s some photos showing off that there is still small amounts of snow that are possible to ride.  There was one track made by a rider or skier that you could still see but I didn’t grab a photo of it.

Beautiful lakes on the way up

 the mountain goats along the drive.

We climbed around on the rocks just hanging out enjoying the views from 14, 240 feet.  

Shot of me on the rocks, snow in the background and good views.

Despite there not being a lot of snow on Mt Evans that is left to ride, it was a fun trip to a higher region and breathing in the view from such a high elevation. 

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