Glove Review: 08-09 POW Mustacheo

07 Jul, 2008

Intended Purpose: This is a spring weather glove. It is meant for temperates from 25 degrees Fahrenheit to 100 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Sizing: I have typical women’s hands. I’m currently sporting the men’s medium in the Mustacheo’s which fit, but are a little loose in spots. The Mustacheo fit lets it expand to hands, but does not have a way to tighten it like velcro…so getting a close size is necessary.

Features: With the Mustacheo gloves, you get two stashes to use depending which index finger you put up: One is the straight line and the other features a curled stashe.

Durability: The mustacheo features a variety of materials, the shell is stretch corded nylon and the palm is silicon printed grip clarino. I like the soft material from the base of the glove to the thumb, allowing for those wipe your nose moments on the mountain. The palm is a mixture of hard and soft but lets you grip things well. I had no problem holding one glove on the chairlift feeling confident I wouldn’t lose it.

Location: I received the gloves late in May to try out in spring conditions at A-Basin, Colorado. I spent a couple days with the Mustacheo’s before switching to another pair of POW gloves.

Conditions: Here is one day I wore the gloves, which was a mixture of sun and clouds. Temperatures varied throughout the day, it was cold enough to wear a jacket (windbreaker) while riding but stayed consistently above 40 degrees from what I can remember.

Thoughts: These are fun gloves, obviously looking at them. I don’t really use mine to get cougars since I’m not a lesbian. I guess really the glove limits me on catching guys…but honestly what guy could resist a chick with a sense of humor about stashes. I spent a couple days in the gloves and lent the gloves out to my friend K who had fun with them. Definitely for spring days, it’s a fun glove to take out on the snow. If it’s super wet out or you touch the snow a lot, you will get your hands wet which leads to cold hands. That’s not what the glove is meant for.

I had the gloves get wet after touching a lot of snow, but for taking out the camera to capture pictures on the mountain of the guys riding I didn’t encounter any issues with the gloves. My hands kept warm in the varying temperatures of the day and for the most part dry.

On-snow photos

POW Mustacheo Catalog Description


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