Kidrobot’s new line

09 Jul, 2008

Occasionally I’ll stumble across some cool designs that might not be snowboard related. I’ve heard about Kidrobot before but also realize I’m not one of the most fashionable people out there.

Kidrobot also features Tokidoki. If you haven’t heard of Tokidoki, look at Ride’s 2009 website which went live today. Ride and Tokidoki collaborated for an upcoming line of snowboarding products this year.

We’ll see what impact artist collaborations have on the snowboard industry. But in the meantime, here’s a look at Kidrobot’s new line.

Kidrobot Duffler in Black – $128

Kidrobot Super Day Pack in PileUp – $228
Kidrobot Weekend Duffler in PileUp – $328
Kidrobot Double Stuff Bag in KidGrid – $78

About Kidrobot

Founded by designer Paul Budnitz in 2002, Kidrobot is the world’s premier designer and retailer of limited edition art toys and apparel. Kidrobot merges urban street trends, fashion, and pop art to produce limited edition, collectible toys and apparel. Kidrobot products feature unique collaborations with top international artists with backgrounds as diverse as graffiti, fine art, fashion, industrial design, graphic design, illustration, and music. Check out their website here.

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