Mtnops All Mountain Riding Journal

05 Jul, 2008

In May, introduced their all mountain riding journal on snowboard-mag. The riding journal was done in collaboration with Rite in the Rain which produces all weather writing paper.

Mtnops is a brand dedicated to introducing new and different ideas to snowboarding through products that are useful, durable and unique, and marketing that embraces the culture of the sport. For the 2008-2009 season Mtnops is offering a small range of American made clothing and accessories to a limited number of specialty snowboard retailers.

The journal in size is 4 1/3 by 6 inches. As a riding journal it lets you input the date, location, weather & conditions, terrain, riding crew, highlights of the day, notes on gear, notes on riding and notes on stuff you’d like to work on.

I purchased it directly from mtnops here for $12.00, it came packaged in a topographic map and included a variety of mtnops goodies like a wind chill chart/trick list, 2 all-weather mtnop pens and the mtnops dog tag necklace.
I spend at least 10 days of the season doing on-snow demos where I take out a number of different boards plus many more days of the season testing snowboards for Never Summer. This year I rode to date 27 snowboards that were 08-09 models, 13 bindings that are 08-09 models and many more 2007-2008 models of both snowboards and bindings. Being able to take notes and photos on each board/binding helps when it comes to writing reviews.
When I’m on snow for demos, I take multiple pieces of paper and pens but I’ve found that some days it’s harder to write down notes when it’s snowing or raining out. The Mtnops ride journal will make it so I have a demo journal to write down better notes and not worry about the weather conditions limiting my notes. This journal will fit in my cargo pockets and be easy access to writing notes this winter.
Look for mtnops to be launching this fall!

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  1. John.
    July 06, 2008

    nothing but goodness from draplin and mark.

  2. Anonymous
    July 07, 2008

    right on shay.. keep killin’ it. thanks for the review.. –JP

  3. Steamboat Cruiser
    July 08, 2008

    yer SO on top of this blog, i am just jealous jealous! (in a good way)

    You really sit down and write something every single day, that is so dedicated. I need to learn that habit…

    Excellent review of a product that I’m going to try, for boarding and for kayaking, all river scum boaters need a waterproof log too.

    The river’s about gone now, we can only jones for next snow…


  4. Shayboarder
    July 09, 2008

    Thanks for the comments!

    Hey Cruiser,

    Thanks, yeah been trying to write daily and keep the blog worthy of checking out. I’m pretty organized so I have a notebook which has a lot of posts I plan to do. I enjoy doing it so that’s what counts.

    Yeah the journal will really come in handy this winter. Awesome you can use it for kayaking too. I’ve only been tubing the river, soon need to go kayaking since I have a lesson to take advantage of. But the tubing is fun!