Rome announces Artifact SK Contest Winners

14 Jul, 2008


This past winter, the Rome SDS asked shops kids to create a new three-word phrase for the Artifact SK (Shop Kid) to replace the “Live Nude Girls” base graphic of the 2009 inline Artifact. Thanks to riders from all over the world, amazingly lewd and lascivious ideas poured in, and Rome had a bitch of a time picking the winners of the Artifact SK contest.

The Artifact SK is a limited-edition Artifact from the Rome SDS only available to riders who work in snowboard shops. It’s not for Rome team riders, not for Rome employees, and not for testers. The topsheet of the SK will feature a level of full-frontal hidden content not available on the inline Artifact, an additional graphic texture, and the base graphic verbiage supplied by shop kids from the contest this past winter.

After reading through all the submissions, none of which are really fit to print, Rob Bohr from The Ski Corner in Scranton, PA was picked as the winner. 100 Artifact SK’s will be made with Rob’s base graphic literary masterpiece.

Initially, the idea was to have just one winner. But after picking the winning submission, there was another outrageous one sent in by John Ingalls from Mountain Riders in Bondville, Vermont that was just too good not to make. So this version of the Artifact SK will be a super limited version on the reverse-camber Artifact 1985. Only 10 will be made worldwide, so riders who want them will need to jump on the Operative site as soon as they go live.

Congrats to Rob and John. Both winners will get customized editions with verbiage on the sidewalls inspired by their winning submissions.

To find out what the winning entries were, you’ll have to log onto the Rome Operative site in the fall, or check one out on the hill next winter.

The reverse camber artifact 1985 has the winning saying “BENT OVER BABES” located at this shop.

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  1. Damian
    July 16, 2008

    Have you tried one of these yet? If so comparisons to other RC/BTX boards?

  2. Shayboarder
    October 30, 2008

    Not yet…this winter I will. I’ll be putting it in the review section once I do.