Rome Contest: Win Libertine Boots signed by LNP!

03 Jul, 2008

This past season, LNP filmed his part for No Correct Way after lacing up the new black Libertines each day, or night, that he went out. We thought of giving out the boots he used this past winter to someone in need, but since no one really wants used, stanky snowboard boots, we decided against it. Instead, we’re giving two lucky shreds out there the chance to win a NEW pair of Rome Libertine boots signed by LNP.

Here’s the first way to win:

Correctly answer these four questions and email the answers to along with your full name and mailing address and we’ll pick one winner at random.

1. What type of liner does the Libertine boot have?

2. Name one thing that’s on fire in the No Correct Way Teaser (we mean real fire not in the 1994 NBA JAM “he’s on fire” sense)

3. What color do you prefer in the Libertine?

4. What mountain is LNP at where he’s up on a rail throwing the peace sign?

Here’s the second way to win:

You may notice in the teaser that LNP’s looking a little like Jimi Hendrix has possessed his soul these days.

The question is, can you be go one step further in the 1967 hippie style?

All you have to do is send in a photo of you dressed up in your most hippie, (or not dressed up if your everyday gear is a Woodstock fest) and email it into with your full mailing address and name and we’ll pick one winner with the best outfit.

All entries must be in by July 13th 2008

Winners will receive their boots by October 1st

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  1. Anonymous
    July 19, 2008

    sweet contest dudes, and nice boots too….just curious who was the winner or winners…..???? bring back the hippy boarders!!!!