evo’s summer company picnic

25 Aug, 2008

Friday, August 22nd marked evo’s summer company picnic in Seattle and I made sure that was an event not to miss out on. evo is one of my favorite snowboard shops; I support them and try to purchase from them every chance I get. This trip I actually picked up some magazines and the new Casual Industries Swatter Tee from evo when I stopped by.

Earlier this summer I interviewed Gorio who I’ve known for jeez…10 years now and one of the things that came across in the interview was the people behind evo, to work with people you appreciate and value that makes your job better. When Molly invited me to the picnic I was stoked to get to meet more of the evo crew including Molly herself.

What came from this picnic was seeing this family of people who run a snowboard shop. It was just fun to hang out with them for the afternoon…I even stayed longer than I expected. It says a lot about where you work when you enjoy the company of your co-workers long after work is done.

The picnic was at Magnuson Park in Seattle, amazing location with a great view of Mt. Rainier. The evo crew set up the picnic area right near the water and a field to play around in.

Casual hanging out and meeting people. Everyone brought some type of side dish to munch on. I brought chips, which worked out great cause they were buy 2 get 2 free at the grocery store.

Multiple photo ops. Here’s me with the girls
Photographer: Wen Arto

Tre is evo’s photographer (on the right) and has an intern (on the left). I got this shot of them getting ready for a photo.
evo supplied a couple boats to take people out wakeboarding on.

Kaiser from Pow Gloves was there and introduced me to the game of Bocce Ball. By my 2nd game with the girls…I was a champ.

Our shadows during the game of Bocce Ball

Gorio is the man. He’s the buyer for evo and one of my industry profile interviews earlier this month. He’s been my knowledge inspiration for the last 10 years.

Myself and Gorio
A shot of Gorio and Amy. I had met up with them earlier in the week for some late night dinner/drink session.

As the sun started going down, we headed over to take the group photo for the company picnic.
I didn’t expect to see this guy there, but Rossignol’s Chad Frost was there fresh back from his trip to Europe. We talked about our old instructor days of Snoqualmie and Stevens Pass…some of which will never be mentioned on this blog.

This photo was actually taken by Wen Arto of the group of us raising our glasses. I’m in there, just harder to spot in the 2nd row.

Photographer: Wen Arto

After the group photo, Bryce Phillips the founder of evo said a few words to the group and that really cemented what a family the people at evo are. Then Molly stepped up for the evenings raffle of prizes to those who came.
Here’s Molly pulling the raffle prizes. She has the best title ever: STRATEGERY

Here’s a shot of me and Kaiser for the evening.

We both walked away with prizes from the raffle. I won a Bonfire t-shirt and Kaiser won Skullcandy headphones.

Thanks to Molly for inviting me to the picnic and evo for having such a cool fun environment to be part of.

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