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03 Aug, 2008

A couple weeks ago I was talking with a friend about industry jobs. Surprisingly this person had gone to SIA, helping out companies but had never heard of malakye when I mentioned how to track down job qualifications and jobs.
Online job searches help eliminate the time spent to track down jobs you are interested in and let you look over the broad spectrum of what is out there. You also bypass the “gotta know someone to hear of the job” and have access to a variety of jobs that are harder to find. You can also browse jobs by companies directly on their websites and occasionally online forums will mention jobs in local companies.
Companies are also using myspace bulletins to notify friends that jobs are available, even if it’s seasonal help or interns…its a good way to get a foot in the door to the company.
And networking…if you know one person in the industry, you can end up knowing 20 through that one person. I spend a lot of time on the mountain doing demos and through that you can meet the reps, meet staff and end up walking away with a contact that in the future could possibly help you get that foot in the door.
Remember it’s about working your way up…a small step is still a step in the right direction. Make goals and work towards them.

The Industry Profile Interviews also give a glimpse into how people in the industry have gotten into their jobs and what experience/education they had. is the #1 job search engine serving the action sports industry. Founded in 2002 by skateboard and technology industry pioneers, has proven to connect the most qualified candidates to the widest variety of positions in the action sports industry.

The site offers the ability to search through industry jobs by location, by sport and by job. There are a handful of other resources as well to browse through whether it’s using the forums to ask questions to other industry people or setting up your resume with help. They also offer a Industrial Profile that looks at various action sports jobs.
Another site that is working on the job industry search is which is expanding to include more jobs in more locations around the world.

This site is a job classifieds for the ski resorts and villages of the world. If you are a Winter professional, you can use this site to find your next position. If you have ever dreamed of moving to the mountains to live, you can use this site to find “serious” employment that suits your career path. If you are a student or are just looking to spend a season “off” in the mountains, you can use this site to find a job to support your working holiday. And no matter who you are, you can use our database of resorts to find fresh tracks, in new places and cultures around the world, and then find meaningful work that lets you really live the experience.

Here at snowworkers, we believe that to really get into a culture, and understand it, you need to live it and work it. Whether the culture is simply a change from the city to mountain village life, or to a ski resort on the other side of the planet where they speak a language you didn’t even know existed, another world is waiting for you and we’re here to help you discover it.

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