Good News for Future Snowboarding Magazine.

06 Aug, 2008

Looks like we haven’t seen the end of Future Snowboarding Magazine. Today on Transworld Business a press release just went out announcing the sale of Future Snowboarding to Storm Mountain Publishing who publishes Snowboard Magazine and Freeskier Magazine.

The sale included the website and the women’s magazine Drift as well as fulfilling all of Future Snowboarding’s oustanding subscriptions with Snowboard Mag.

On a more positive note, Snowboard says that they will be updating the future snowboarding website with content.

Future Snowboarding was closed down on June 12th due to financial reasons. I wrote up a goodbye letter to the magazine. While Future wasn’t loved by everyone, I enjoyed reading the magazine and the online community had the ability to grow and become a good place for people to join.

I am quite happy with the sale, it keeps a website alive with content and another online community (I volunteer moderate their forums so we’ll see if that continues) and keeps a women’s magazine online through Snowboard Magazine…a very smart choice for a magazine looking for more women readers.

So props to Snowboard Magazine! I’ll toast a drink when I get off work today…probably a cheap ass fake Corona…but it’s still a toast.

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