Happy Anniversary!

17 Aug, 2008

Last year I came back from a trip to Mt. Hood and realized that I should make my own site, my own blog that features a girl who rides mountains on a snowboard. Not your typical girly girl…but a girl who cares and knows what boards she rides, waxes her own boards and loves to write about snowboarding. What came of it was this blog, now a year later it’s still just a blog but I have loyal readers, awesome companies who support it and had made some great friends to talk to because of it.

I created the blog a year ago, but my first post was August 19, 2007 and it was just an introduction to me….I’m the writer, the editor, the photographer and the model on my own site. I’m not a pro snowboarder, I’m just your average rider out there riding and having fun with friends. I don’t work for a snowboard company and I try to remain unbiased when it comes to reviewing gear…whether it’s Burton, Never Summer, or Atomic…it has a fair chance with me. 

In the last year I have made nothing off this site. I chose not to advertise (quite honestly, google ads look like shit) and I figured to gain respect I would need to earn it…without making money from it until I have respect. I have received some perks along the way, free stuff to try out or wear for the season which I’m always honest about what is given to me. And while I have made nothing in terms of monetary value, I have gained so much and invested so much of me in this site…which is amazing, an accomplishment to write about snowboarding year round, often daily.
A big thanks to my readers…Thanks to you for helping me along this journey and keeping me writing, keeping me inspired to write about being an average rider. Over the past year I’ve helped pick out gear numerous times for people, answering questions about upcoming products as best as I could and I try my best to reply to every question that comes my way.

Also a big thanks to my friends who are there for me daily. Those people are Mike, Marc, Jon and K. You guys inspire me to write better, to ride better, to come up with with interesting topics and most of all to continue being me.
And to my friends in the industry, obviously without you guys I would have less to write about. You guys believe in me and have taught me so much…so thanks and big hugs at SIA!
I’ll end on a quote a close friend of mine told me last month when talking about my site and the industry.
“The long of it all is that you don’t know where it will take you, but now people know who you are & you have respect….which is hard to do on your own & especially being a gal since the men greatly outnumber the women in our industry.” 

So Happy Anniversary to The World of Snowboarding through Fembot Eyes and keep tuned…snowboarding Hood comes in 2 days!

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From the beginning of time, I was Shannon. From the beginning of snowboarding, I was Shay. From the beginning of online communities, I was Shayboarder. In the end, I’m the writer, photographer, editor, publisher, guru of sorts, product tester, curvy girl, and most importantly the snowboarder behind it all. Follow me on this journey through snowboarding, mountain biking, traveling and fun experiences!

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  1. Saturday
    August 17, 2008

    heh. happy anniversary. and thank you for starting this. i’ve learned so much. 🙂

  2. Anonymous
    August 18, 2008

    I am pretty awesome.

    oh wait this is about you!!! Happy Anniversary! Shouldn’t there be a party?

  3. Mike
    August 19, 2008

    Happy Anniversary!!! I have been reading you blog daily for the last couple of months and was inspired to start one of my own.


    Thanks for inspiration.

  4. Acme Made
    August 20, 2008

    Happy Anniversay and thank you for keeping it real and staying true to yourself.