Monument Snowboards 2008-2009

28 Aug, 2008

So Monument Snowboards has been out for a while, but I haven’t yet featured them on my blog. You can check out their 08-09 website which is up and running, featuring blogs, products, radio air and a variety of stuff to keep you occupied. I personally enjoy watching the images change.

The first time I saw a Monument Snowboard was at SIA 2007 and I actually walked by the “And I will always love you” model and stopped dead in my tracks. Really, it was more like porn and snowboarding but done classy. Since then I’ve known of them, but haven’t yet tried them.

“Each year Monument curates an artist series, that represents our entire collection, from established and emerging artists alike. This year we are pleased to present 5 artists to join our Artist Network and create boards for the 2008-09 collection. These artists include New York graffiti artist and Krink creator, Craig Costello, Los Angeles based artist and fashion designer Kime Buzzelli, Philadelphia artist and sweatheart musician Thom Lessner, Flaunt magazine creative director and artist Todd Tourso, and lastly the mysterious Owleyes. These artists join a growing list of established and emerging artists in our Artist Network including Paris design collective Surface to Air, Maya Hayuk, Donny Miller, Peter Beste, J.Penry, Fighting, Sandro Grison and Dustin Koop.”

The Spec Sheet

Memento Mori



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