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07 Aug, 2008

Even in 2008, it’s rare to find a snowboard shop that has more than 1 woman salesperson…let alone a shop that caters specifically to women. In Colorado, we are lucky to have two shops that do both.

Outdoor DIVAS is a shop any woman can walk into, feel at home and find a selection of products meant for women. They cater to multiple outdoor sports, including snowboarding.

The ladies at Outdoor DIVAS strive to be “more than just a shop with a selection of “ladies models”. By devoting 100% of our space, inventory and energy to active women, we offer superior products and a selection of gear and apparel that is designed exclusively for women. Not only do we have exceptional gear for women, but we also run women only classes and events to introduce women to new activities and challenges in a supportive, non-competitive environment. Every day we strive to help more women comfortably and confidently enjoy their time in the outdoors.”

I had a chance to talk with Kim Walker from Outdoor DIVAS about the company and the women behind it.

Kim Walker
Owner of Outdoor DIVAS

Shay: What made you decide to start a women’s specific shop?

Kim: Living in the mountains in the 90’s there was a very limited selection for gear for women- and I had to shop a number of different stores to find an adequate selection to choose from. There was definitely a void in the market place.

Shay: Do you see any gaps in women’s specific gear?

Kim: I think manufacturer’s have come a long way with their women’s collections. Virtually every manufacturer now has a strong women’s product mix.

Shay: What sports does Outdoor Diva’s cater to?

Kim: We play outside! We’re into climbing, kayaking, running, hiking, camping, travelling, cycling, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing…I think I covered them all. We also sell gear and apparel for yoga and triathlons.

Shay: Who are the women behind Outdoor Diva’s?

Kim: We’re a group of active passionate women who love to play outdoors! I’m one of the founders. We launched our first store in Boulder in 2002 after living and playing in Vail for 10 years.

Shay: What’s your motto? How did you come up with that?

Kim: We don’t have a specific motto…although I like to say outdoor DIVAS – no balls (implying that we don’t sell gear for sports that require balls – like golf or tennis). But our non official moto is ‘gear for women. ‘

Shay: What are your shop locations?

Kim: We currently have locations on the Pearl street mall in Boulder, and in Cherry Creek North in Denver.

Shay: Do you plan on expanding into more locations?

Kim: At some point we would like to expand and open stores in Mountain communities in the Rocky Mountain Region.

Shay: What are some brands you added to the shop for 2008-2009?

Kim: We’ve picked up Never Summer this year – we’re really excited about that.

Shay: How do you select the brands you carry?

Kim: We look at a brands woman’s product offering and dedication to the women’s market. We make sure manufacturer’s aren’t just ‘shrinking and pinking’ the gear – and we get our staff to use it.

Shay: Do you sponsor women’s events?

Kim: You bet – we sponsor a ton of women’s events – probably too many to list.

This fall we’ll be hosting our third annual DIVAS in drag event…a drag show fundraiser for B4BC. We sponsor on snow women’s programs at our local mountain. We do a number of ski and snowboard demo days. We’re sponsoring a women’s triathalon this fall.

Plus we host an ongoing (free) speaker series called evenings with DIVAS, It’s a monthly in store event where we host an inspirational speaker…sometimes an author, or an athlete or a doctor. We’ve had the most amazing women – Leanne Pelosi, Gretchen Bleiler, Victoria Jealouse, Lynn Hill, Jeannie Thoren, Siri Lindley, Nicole DeBoom…and the list goes on.

Shay: Is it tough being a women’s shop in a male dominated sport?

Kim: It’s a lot easier now. When we first opened we were the first women’s snowsport shop in the country – and we had a ton of resistance. We had to train the industries – plus our customers that women should have gear stores just for them!

It’s gotten easier b/c women’s gear is better, and women have become accustomed to shopping n a women’s only gear shop!

Shay: What does your website offer? Any future plans for it?

Kim: www.outdoordivas.com

Our website has everything we carry in the store…and our same expert advice via email or phone.

Take a peak at Outdoor DIVAS

Check out the DIVAS blog featuring a variety of outdoor activities and products.

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