Timberline, Mt Hood Day 2

20 Aug, 2008

Erick told me yesterday that I wouldn’t be riding today, but I was still optimistic and made it very clear…if the lifts are running, I’ll be riding.  Even if it’s pouring rain and I’m soaked (I left my waterproof gear at home)…I’ll still be riding.  Today I hit up the snow phone and when I left it was supposed to be open but by the time I got to Timberline, it was closed down.  
So I ended up just walking around Timberline in my snowboard gear with my camera and focused on taking photos of the beautiful scenery at the base of the mountain.  I like being outside in the rain, no one is around it’s quiet and when you are in snowboard gear…you stay pretty warm. 
Timberline Lodge is fun to check out, I’ve never stayed there but have spent some time inside at the bars or just hanging out by the fireplace.  I walked in briefly today and it still looks the same as it did years ago.  If you have seen the Shining, the exterior shots of the lodge in that movie are of Timberline Lodge.

Magic Mile Sign…not open today however

Flowers in between two tree stumps on the mountain

A shot of me looking at the mountain

The magic mile, it was pretty foggy when I walked by

Empty chairlifts on the Magic Mile

Normally in this photo you can see Mt Hood since this is at the bottom of the snow run.  But with the heavy fog, you can’t see anything.   I liked how the snow coming down looks like a river coming off the mountain.

This is my zoolander look modeling the mtnops necklace

I decided to prop the camera on another rock and got this shot of me in front of the snow

A elderly couple walking up into the darkness of the fog

Getting ready to head back down to Govy Camp

gotta love sticker placement

Waterfall on the way down to Hwy 26

I stopped to take the photo of the waterfall and ended up just hanging out in the trees, it was still raining but if was fun to just hang out, taking photos.

Shot of me in the woods, sporting my new Coal Beanie and getting rained on

Hopefully this storm goes away so tomorrow is a day spent on the mountain snowboarding.   Tonight heading out to Hood River to meet up for drinks and then tomorrow heading back to Seattle after snowboarding. 

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  1. mike at a2zboardshop
    August 21, 2008

    Well, at least it looks like you got one sunny day in, golly I wish I could ride a taco like that right now.