Visiting the Capita Headquarters

19 Aug, 2008

I’m always in awe to step into the snowboard offices where the thinking behind snowboard products is done…you get to see the work environment and the people who are there that create it all.  
Yesterday I had the chance to stop by Capita located in Seattle and here’s what came of it.
It’s grown tremendously since I had last stopped by a couple years ago. After the visit a friend reminded me of the first time I took my 03-04 capita to the mountain and how everyone was like “what is capita.” I had found a company then that I liked and years later still stoked on the company which has grown into C3.
Walking into it…are you ready?

This time at Capita, I got the meet a lot of the staff and people working for C3 behind the scenes.  Johan was my tour guide showing each part of the offices.  It was cool to see the desks of Blue and George, the showroom with each of C3’s brands (Coal, Union, Capita, Defcon, Deeluxe), where Coal is designed and the beautiful man there, I was warned to stay away from the Brad Pitt…so I will (hesitantly) and the rows of boxes and products in the warehouse area.  

The first time I met Blue and really my first big impression with Capita was in 2003 when I had gotten my 03-04 Capita BSOD but couldn’t figure out the freedom groove system with my bindings at the time. Blue was quite frankly…amazing…he came up to my mountain and set up my bsod with the correct hardware that he had picked up for me. Then me being a complete goof, passed up the opportunity to ride with him.  That kept me being the loyal customer that I am, having owned a couple capita’s over the years.

The Capita Skull

Snowboard Offices are always a different environment than your typical work environment; Capita was no exception, it was cool to meet the dogs at the office and get to see the beer tap ready to go.  

Some of the best!

Behind this door is where all the magic of design and business happens.  

Everyone hard at work in the office.  Blue in the far back, George in the middle and Manny the dog guarding them.  

It is the busy season right now, all hands on deck as the warehouse is full of boxes just waiting to be on store shelves.  It was cool to see that Coal designs some other companies headwear, didn’t know that until I saw the boxes with the labels and Johan told me.

It’s a maze in there

The staff getting it done

Johan getting the boards ready for me to take to Hood.

Checking out the spare Union Binding parts

I was very lucky to be able to borrow some gear to ride Hood with and try out.  I’ll be riding the Capita Black Inc and Qween with Union Contact bindings at Hood this week.  I’ve spent some time on the Black Inc but looking to more ride time.  The Contact bindings were by demand…and something new to try with the 19% contact.  Johan put together a sweet box of Coal goodies and I got to take home some of the amazing screen prints that I love!

Johan putting the gear aside for me
Johan and I hit up a local pub for some yummy grub, where the mahi was damn good.  In between mahi and beer, got to talk snowboarding and blogs with Johan.  Johan runs his own blog as well called the tackledbox and is fun to check out.
When we came back, TJ Schneider was in Capita and I ended the day on a high note.  Here’s how it went down…
Johan:  Hey TJ, this is Shay
TJ:  Hey
Me:  Hey
5 seconds later
TJ:  Wait, are you shayboarder?
Me:  Yeah
and we talk about the websites (his and mine) and stuff.
15 seconds later
TJ:  Do you want to marry me, move to Canada and shred everyday?  
Me:  Of course!
Okay well it kind of went like that except for the 15 seconds part (that is totally untrue), but it was really rad to finally meet TJ after emailing back and forth with him for art and the industry interview.  
Big thanks to everyone at Capita for letting me come by and distract from working a bit!   Bigger thanks to Johan for hooking it up. 

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    August 20, 2008

    sooo… you dont want to marry me ?
    good to see you , play safe

  2. Shayboarder
    August 20, 2008

    haha well…if your asking…

    Yeah the weather gods knew I was visiting the Northwest…got rained out today 🙁

  3. coreymg
    August 21, 2008

    Glad to see your tour of C3. Capita devours everything!!! I have been enjoying your blog over the past year. Keep up the good work!

  4. hoon
    August 22, 2008

    did you see the porn stash?

  5. Shayboarder
    August 23, 2008

    haha nooo! I guess I missed out eh, was it good like really dirty good?