Breck’s 4th of July Bowl 9/13/08

14 Sep, 2008

I made my way down to Summit County for the weekend, with a variety of events going on to attend like Oktoberfest and Working Out the Kinks premiere in Denver. Of course…plans changed and ended up missing both of those but spent Saturday on snow taking photos. It had snowed in Colorado less than a week ago so there was still some fresh snow to be enjoyed but not really rideable except in the area where snow has stuck around all summer.
I really wasn’t expecting to snowboard, so I didn’t bring down my gear for the weekend. But luckily I brought a camera and that made me the photog for the day. It was sunny and I forgot sunscreen so I’m paying for that mistake today…I’m burnt crispy in the face.

Saturday was a beautiful day, really warm out and surprisingly warmer as you got higher up the drive to Breck. I had 6 people packed in my truck for the drive up. We had to park the truck lower than where the rails are set up because of snow on the road. It was a great day cause there were two other cars when we got there and one other car joined us later on.

Hiking up to get to the good spot
A crew of rad people were already up there getting some filming in. Here’s a shot of Nicole hitting the jump.

Tom on the most haggard (totally shifted every time) rail

Justin hitting the jump

We had a good amount of people up for the day, it was cool watching everyone throw down and take photos of everyone. I ended up getting facebook or myspace names to share the photos that I took with them. Everyone had a good time sessioning and cheering each other one.

We had a good assortment of skiers and snowboarders. It was fun telling each other what tricks do to and watching everyone throw down as well with backflips and spins.

Here’s a sequence I got of Nicole’s jump going down…

One of the skiers jumping over another person

K rocking the shifty

Eventually they moved the barrel so it was jibbable and Justin took full advantage of ollie’ing over it.

This is one of my favorite shots of the day. This is Tanner jibbing the barrel but if you notice he’s a couple inches short of it…I just love the style in this one shot.

Filming with a fish eye lens underneath the jump and jibbing the barrel

One of the boys

Tom and myself hanging out

We took off in the late afternoon to head back down the mountain. Walked back down to where we left my truck and got ready for the drive down the mountain.

The drive down from Breck…can see the town of Breck

Had a good day on the snow, bummed the film premiere didn’t work out but I’ll plan better next time.

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  1. Lou G.
    September 14, 2008

    Whaatt? Dang you had a way better Saturday than I did.