Breck’s 4th of July Bowl 9/20/08

21 Sep, 2008

I was bummed that last weekend I didn’t bring my gear to ride Breck’s 4th of July bowl, but I made plans to be there again this weekend with my gear and be able to call it my first day on snow for the 08-09 season.
There’s something to say about the people who are up in the summers that won’t put their snowboards away…it’s a different vibe, different breed of people that don’t require a great snow day to have fun. It’s about continuing a passion when you are not supposed to. I may not be a jibber or park rat, but I still enjoy snowboarding even if it’s hiking the same 50 foot section. The conditions suck…it’s not the best snow but to be able to ride during a month that is not winter…is something more than epic snow conditions.
I made the trek down from Steamboat for the day, even brought along my dog Capita for the adventure. It was her first time being around snowboarding…so I wasn’t sure how she would take it. She’s a snow lover at heart and named after a snowboard company, so I expect her to be.   She did have fun running around the snow and chasing snowboarders and skiers thinking it was a game.  Luckily she knew not to get too close.

Tom, K and I made our way up to the top of Breck which was driveable the entire way up despite the snow from last week and more snow during the week…rain had melted it off. It was a tough call on weather, raining down in Frisco and lots of clouds. Luckily it seemed the weather would be changing but we kept up hope that it would stay decent for most of the day. It did start snowing a couple times during the day but we had good windows of sunshine and decent lighting as well.
For me the non-jibber there was a rail I could try and I had a couple takes at it before it got made into a bigger jib feature.  
It remained fairly busy as more people came up to enjoy the features.  I ran into a couple of the same guys from last weekend and even a guy I met over the winter.  
There were 4 features set up, two rails, a rail for airing off of and the barrel.  
This guy proved to everyone how much pop matters…he had no problems airing over the barrel.  

Snowboarding with barely any snow in the background

K’s nose grab off the rail

Mad Shifty steeze

I spent the afternoon messing around with a extra lense I had borrowed…a fisheye of some sort and took a lot of shots of the rails with it.  This is my favorite shot and was the last shot of the day.
I made sure to grab emails since I took photos of a lot of people there and we took off around 5pm for the drive down.  I ended up staying in Breck so we’ll see how today goes on the mountain again.  

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