Breck’s 4th of July Bowl 9/21/08

21 Sep, 2008

I stayed over in Breckenridge, so it was an easy choice to head back up to the last of the snowpack today.  Last night in Summit County a storm came through but no new snow on the mountain.  It did however blow the barrel down the valley but we managed to get it back up to the snow.  

A variety of people came up to enjoy the snow, one guy was nice enough to take the trash that had been left over the summer.   It was cool to see that everyone whether skier or snowboarder was at different levels, you had the people working on their spins jibbing or jumping but also people that were still learning rails and airs.  
It was a cloudy day with some sun but it did get more windy up there.   The clouds and sunshine made it so there was great lighting.  My dog Capita just hanging out enjoying the snow, she only ran after 2 people and got a close call but she’s getting better.

Maybe it’s just me, but I noticed today that the snow is really not-white anymore.  Alot more rocks showing through that are there to hold down the rails and usually hidden by snow.  Today was the last weekend I’d be able to be up there before I expect the snow to bury everything and make the drive impossible.  

Look Johan!   No tongue!  

Yes I am wearing the same clothes as yesterday…I didn’t expect to crash in Breck so I didn’t bring different clothes…luckily I smell good.
I worked on taking better photos with the fisheye lens trying to capture good focus in the entire photo.
The skier

One of the snowboarders doing a boardslide

It wasn’t a long day at the bowl, just a couple hours of taking photos and riding.  I had to drive back to Steamboat so I wasn’t up for staying past 5 on the mountain.  It turned out to be a good day and looking forward to my next snowboarding on real runs at the mountains here in CO.  

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  1. Nose Dradamous
    September 22, 2008

    No tongue! Like it.