The Contacts have landed!

15 Sep, 2008

So when I was leaving town on Friday…I got the call from work that a package from Seattle arrived. Well that could really mean only one thing, my new Union Contact bindings. So I quickly stopped by, grabbed them and then since I was traveling to summit…had to wait 2 days before getting them out, adjusting them and mounting them to my snowboard.

Open the box and beautiful sounds come out…ok well just the sound of me going “oohhh” and “awwww”

Anytime I get anything now…I poke around and check it out. This box has many uses, rad!
So I picked up the Union Contact bindings in M/L which actually fit my Vans Omni size 8’s very good in terms of width…no gaps. I had to adjust the straps to get them dialed to my boots and that didn’t take too long. Since I should be getting new Vans boots later this month…I’ll have to make sure they fit the new pair. The contacts will be my freestyle bindings switching between the evo and another board on the way. I’ll be getting a pair of Raiden women’s bindings that will be my freeride/powder bindings. This year is the first year I’ll not be riding Rome bindings so looking forward to trying out two brands throughout the year.

Since my last sticker job on my Never Summer Evo-R…I had to get rid of some stickers on the board that were dying, so I cleaned up my board and replaced the peeling off stickers with some new stickers I had saved for myself. Added a 2nd NS die cut, new POW rooster, Union stickers, Bluebird and a couple THEY stickers.

When I was at POW gloves last month…there was a big joke about the rooster sticker, one of the guys visiting was asking if there was a “smaller cock” sticker and the guys at POW were like “no small cocks” here. Ahhh hilarious. So I’m sure I’ll get some jokes throughout the year about the sticker.
Before this snowboard I never did sticker jobs…but when you are riding a blank topsheet it gets really old to look at white all the time so I finally had to submit to stickering my board up.

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  1. MelbaToasted
    September 15, 2008

    dope sticker job man! i’m impressed… i’m all about the intricate sticker job and yours is top notch… exacto knife, ruler, and t-square? or did you wing it haha?

  2. Shayboarder
    September 15, 2008

    I hired a graphic designer to do that shit! haha actually my friend steve helped with the first stickering…and then I felt confident enough to do the latest job on my own. Of course using exacto knife…that cock sticker is huge! hahahaha

  3. Anonymous
    September 15, 2008

    sick setup!
    Can’t wait to find mine this year too!

    Montreal, Canada